Everything about Google Offline Maps

Constantly, as Google keeps on updating its algorithms, it keeps on adding new features and capabilities to its maps so that they always remain ahead in the competition. Now, as per Google’s latest announcement; Google Maps will be guided by voice and search. Further, offline navigation will also be available.

Offline Google Map

Offline Google Maps – A great boon:

This means anyone without data connection can now use Google Maps. Hence, this will serve as a great boon for those travelling abroad as now they won’t have to pay international data charges. Offline maps are basically generated for developing markets and those places in the world where there’s a connectivity issue.

Slowly, these maps will be based on GPS. These offline maps will be available later by 2015 and this offline functionality will also be available for Google Maps in iOs system.

Meanwhile till these offline maps are available, one can easily download an offline map by following these simple steps:

  • Make sure you are connected to Google and signed in to Google Account
  • Open the Google Maps app
  • Find the place for which you want the map.
  • Select the bottom touch bar which includes the name of the place that you have searched for.
  • In the upper right, tap the menu
  • Then select “Save map offline” and follow the directions on the screen.
  • Once saved, view your offline map.

How to view offline map?

  • Open Google Maps app
  • Select the menu which has option “Your Places”
  • Scroll down to “Offline maps” and then choose View all and manage.

Apart from viewing, one can also rename or update saved maps as well as delete it if not needed.

Once you have saved the maps for offline view and if you are finding trouble viewing it, here are some solutions to solve the commonly faced issues:

Suppose you get this error “The on page map area is too large”. When you see this error, zoom the smaller area of the map till you find the Save button available at the bottom of the map.

Further you can also find the error “Some of the offline maps are outdated”. Just follow the map download process and get the updated ones.

Finding places on Offline maps:

To search for some places on offline maps, zoom in to more details on the offline map. This will include streets, places as well as other map data. It’s advisable to save an offline map with the name so that it will be easy for you to find it.

At a time, one can download maximum of 6 maps for offline reading. Downloading a map from Google is free but it may consume the data and this data charges may be levied by service provider.

Remember, large map will consume more data thus leading your device to run slowly.

Wind up:

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