2015 Google’s On Page SEO Factor List

Google is more concerned about frequently updating SEO factors. Today, we will discuss about new On Page SEO factors as revealed by Google in 2015 and we will also reveal some factors which are now outdated.

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First of all, let us consider some important factors as listed by Google which will be more useful in 2015:

Important Factors as Listed by Google:

  • User experience metrics
  • Shorter Title Tags
  • Original Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Original Images
  • Qualitative Website Design
  • Detailed Meta description.

And these are the ones that are now outdated:

  • Keywords
  • Emphasis on Long tail phrases
  • Emphasis on ranking specific keywords
  • Lean code

Long tail keywords now seem to be outdated. Now is the time about broader keywords. Apart from the above mentioned list, two main factors which must be included are responsive web design and schema.

Some detailed discussion about the same:

Previously, SEO techniques were measured by factors like Keywords, use of long tailed phrases, specific keywords and Lean code but now these all are of less importance in the eyes of Google. Currently, Google has come up with a new list of On page SEO factors as discussed above.

Let’s understand them in detail:

  • User experience Metrics: Now, any website’s performance will be measured on how much user friendly it is? This means websites which are easy to use will be more visited by the visitors and this shows that it is convenient for them to browse or navigate through that website.
  • Shorter Title Tags: Short and sweet is now acceptable by Google. So, make sure to use as less characters as you can in your title tags but this doesn’t mean that title must be meaningless.Try to make short but meaningful title which can be easily found by Google bots.
  • Original Content: Content copy paste will no longer work with Google. Have your ideas written in a well framed manner and use only original content that reveals your expertise in an appropriate manner.
  • Interactive content: Users must be dived in your website so much that they must not be willing to leave your website. Make sure you have user engaging content on your website that keeps them engaged.
  • Original Images: Copying images can lead to your negative impression in the eyes of Google. Make sure to create your own from expert graphic designers.
  • Qualitative Site Design: The more professional your website is; the more trustful it will look. Because funky looking websites with no logic which make it difficult to understand for visitors, what actually the website is all about can lead to maximum bounce rates.Spend thousand bucks extra but give quality to your website as much as you can because it is what will draw visitors ultimately transforming them into customers.
  • Detailed Meta Description: Meta description is a short description that represents the overview of website along with keywords. This is the thing that is often caught by Google bots. Try to be clear and precise and frame a clear, simple Meta description which easily clears the concept.

Wind up:

So, from now on while framing SEO strategy; make sure to keep these updated factors in mind and develop a result oriented SEO plan which will definitely be successful in generating results.

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