Google Has Two Types of Crawling – Discovery and Refresh

Search engine giant Google uses two forms of web crawling: one for finding new information for an SEO company, and another for renewing content that has already been published on the web. Crawling strategies used by Google while crawling through websites are divided into two categories: those used to find new material and those used […]

Auditing and Fixing Links on Your Site

If a link leads to a non-existent site, page, or file, it’s a broken link. When this occurs, the server often responds with a 404 or 410 error code. With hundreds of pages, it may become impossible for you to discover broken link issues on your website that users encounter, so it would be best […]

Google Page Title Update: What Changes Did Google Make?

google page title update

Google has emerged with another change labeled the page title update. Google’s Danny Sullivan stated that the technique by which Google generates page names for SERPs is changing. Our blog is a comprehensive resource that will teach you all you need to know about this update and how it works. What is Google’s Page title […]

Google Analytics 4: What’s New in GA4

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools a marketer may have in their arsenal. It enables organizations of all kinds and types to better understand how users engage with a site and their consumer preferences to improve the user experience. Google recently announced the release of a new version of Google Analytics, named […]

Podcasts in SERPs: Is Audio SEO the Next Frontier?

Are you aware that by posting audio, you can enhance your chances of ranking high in Google’s search results? Yes! Audio has a big influence on Google rankings, much as publishing content on several syndicated sites propels your results to the front pages of Google. Audio is gaining popularity and is now the third most […]

The Correlation Between Authoritative Links and Ranking

You might have developed content relevant to what people are looking for, that addresses their queries, and that search engines can comprehend, but these attributes alone do not guarantee that your content will rank. To outrank the other sites that have those characteristics, you must develop authority. This may be achieved through the development of […]

Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

SEO Tactics

What can you do to improve your strategy beyond providing content around relevant SEO keywords? We have covered actionable ideas for increasing organic traffic and developing your business in this blog. 1. Optimize Your Content Optimizing your content increases the likelihood of it being seen on Google. Additionally, employing relevant SEO tools simplifies and expedites the […]

The State of Statistical SEO Split-Testing in 2021

Split testing is known to most of the advertising and digital marketing sector. Different sectors use it. For example, e-mail entrepreneurs use this to check their strains, while designers used this testing to check the format of any web page. Let us see how split testing works and its reliable matches. Working system of SEO […]

Understanding the Impact of Google July 2021 Update

New updates of Google started working from 1 July 2021. Suppose you are browsing various topics of SEO on social media in the month of June. In that case, you might be studying the June Core of Google, such as the track of algorithm, sharing graphs showing fluctuations, and drastic changes in SERPs against backlash […]