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Whether you are an individual, a local business owner, or a big business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can improve your ranking on SERP and boost traffic to your website. At Platinum SEO company Melbourne, we offer high-quality and reliable SEO services in Melbourne to increase traffic to your website. We know the importance of digital space and enable your business to get the internet’s full potential. Our SEO Experts in Melbourne are experienced and knowledgeable with SEO strategies and Google algorithms. With our unique approach, we make your website performing with high conversion rates.

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80% Increase in traffic

54+ Keywords on google page #1

70% Increase in sales

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55% Increase in traffic

35+% Keywords on google page #1

45% Increase in sales

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75% Increase in traffic

45+% Keywords on google page #1

65% Increase in sales

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140% Increase in traffic

40+ Keywords on google page #1

95% Increase in sales

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90% Increase in traffic

15+ Keywords on Google page #1

65% Increase in sales

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50% Increase in traffic

60+ Keywords on google page #1

45% Increase in sales

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All our SEO Company Melbourne’s strategies and approaches we discuss with you are dedicated to your business. You need to discuss your business requirements and allow us to offer the best solution to you. Initially, we analyze your existing sales and marketing process to find out the loopholes and opportunities. Then, our online marketing professionals analyze your branding approach and sales goals. We know that it is vital to use the best-in-class and expert marketing strategies in today’s highly competitive business world. Hence, you can ask us to get a 30-minutes strategy session with our experts.

We keep you updated with the latest online marketing trends. We have a strong team of SEO experts in Melbourne for reputation-building, boost sales, and create sustainability to your business across Australia. With our dedicated team, we focus on implementing holistic SEO strategies. Get in touch with us to know the marketing approach we follow for your business growth and profits.

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Whether you want to rank higher on search engines, improve your online traffic, reduce visitor bounce rate or improve conversion rate optimisation (CRO), we are here to help.

Our SEO Melbourne Expert team believe to work holistic SEO approach for our all client. We listen to what our customers want and then create a winning strategy tailored to their specific needs. We have worked with hundreds of clients who rank on Page 1 in Google.

If you are unsure about how to increase your online traffic, we can provide solutions. We have helped many start-up companies to create and execute winning Melbourne SEO strategies to increase leads and improve customer engagement.

Already established an online presence, but want to improve your SEO strategy to increase your sales  We are here for you.


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Do You Need A Dedicated And Business-Centric Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Know how Platinum SEO company in Melbourne works for your business. First, we understand your business needs and what do you need from our online marketing approach. Then, we assure to give quality results!

Our motto is to assist all businesses in achieving great Return on Investment (ROI) at cost-effective prices. As a result, we drive more traffic and bring more customers to your business.

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Yes, SEO can work for any kind of small, medium, or large business. SEO can work for any industries. Platinum SEO Melbourne has 10 years of experience in SEO industries with more than 500 clients. Our clients range from start-ups to large national and international organisations. SEO might not have worked for you in the past, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you at all.

Choosing the “best” keywords for your business will depend on your goals and strategy. There are two elements that we look at for choosing the best keywords: Volume of searches that are done per month, which indicated the popularity of the keyword, and Competition surrounding that keyword, which indicates how many brands are vying for the top spot. We find the best and optimal opportunities between volume and competition.

We strategies to include higher competition keywords and an array of lower competition keywords or focusing entirely on a range of smaller keywords that would add up to a higher result, this completely depends on your industry and brand, and what you want to achieve. It’s not always beating your competition for obvious keywords but its all about creating a strategy that puts you in front of a relevant and ready to buy audiences.

When using an SEO agency and getting unsatisfactory results that you’re looking for is very common. Most people that come to us for our services are in that situation or have a negative perspective towards SEO companies. Platinum SEO Melbourne is a team composed of experienced strategists that are constantly researching for the next Google algorithm update and improving our SEO methods to ensure your business website ranking remains stable and safe. Also We have 10 years of experiences working with many different industries.

Yes, we are always following google guidelines for all our work for all the clients. We are also up to date with all google algorithm changed regular base and based on those algorithm changes we are making the best strategy for all our client which help to increase web presence and domain authority. Our Platinum SEO Melbourne team uses Google analytic and Google webmaster tool to track all on page and off page activity for all our campaigns. We are not using any black hat tactic for our clients to get result faster as this kind tactic ending up results that may penalize the website. We always use white hat tactic for all our client according to Google guidelines which help to increase raking and domain authority for client website.

We are sending reports to all our client on every month. SEO is a monthly based activity. Every month Platinum SEO Melbourne team works on off-page activity for all our clients. At the end of the month we will produce a report for all clients and send to their email. Monthly report will include a Ranking Report and Google Analytics Report. Ranking report will come with all the targeting keywords position in Google for that month. Google Analytics Report mainly show the traffic of the month on a website. Google Analytics will also show many other parameters like how many users have come to the website for that month and how many people filled the contact form and other necessary information.

Platinum SEO Melbourne services are using a holistic SEO approach to improve our client results. We are doing in depth analysis of the website and find out issues which will affect the SEO result. Then after we fix those issue first then we implement appropriate on page for the targeting and non-targeting pages of the website. We also fix Google My Business (GMB) account as per Google guidelines. We use High DA PA website get link juice for our website. All these activities will help to improve Google presence of the client.

If any SEO company saying that they can give you 100% guarantee result then they are lying to you. With search engine algorithms, No one can give you 100% guarantee for result. But we have Strong dedicated SEO team will give you best result for your campaign. Our objective as an SEO company, during the 3-6 months of your campaign, is to have your 80-100% chosen keywords on the first page or second page of results.

This will depend on how competitive your keywords are, you may have few keywords appearing on the first page.

With the keywords provided and chosen, we start analysing the quality of your keywords based on popularity and present competition and or other metrics. The SEO team will begin to put in place On and Off-Page SEO activities. The setup phase may include changes to your website copy, site structure, internal links and addition of backlinks. Once the setup phase is complete, we move into our ongoing maintenance where we will be using the lasts analytic tools to monitor and manage your SEO campaign throughout its lifetime.