Optimize Your Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent to the first time subscribers. These can leave a long lasting impression on the readers’ mind and hence these should be optimized well enough to create a good first impression.

Email marketing is widely used as an effective strategy to increase conversion rates. Among them, those that are sent for the first time to new subscribers actually are more useful as compared to regular ones.

Here, in this blog post; we have mentioned few of the tips that will actually be useful to optimize your welcome emails. Before actually knowing about those tips; let’s take a look at some of their interesting statistics:

Statistics about Welcome Emails:

  • Include the word “sale” in your welcome email subject line and the chance of opening the mails increases by 23%.
  • Emails that have the word “report” in subject hardly are opened.
  • Make use of any real person’s email id instead of those with “no reply”.
  • Send the email immediately after the user signs up.

Welcome emails are sent mostly by B2C marketers out of which 87% are retailers and 70% are non retail marketers. These emails tend to generate 320% more revenue as compared to other promotional emails.

Tips to optimize your Welcome emails:

If your business deals with service sector where customers are served in a better way ,then these tips are for you:

  1. Email Copy: Your email copy must be as interactive as possible and make sure to inform customers to white list your email id so that your emails go directly in their inbox instead of attacking their spam folder.
    • Avoid using words that lead to a belief that your email is a spam. These words are:
    • “Free”
    • “Bonus”
    • “Order”
    • “Purchase”
    • Unnecessary usage of capital letters and exclamation marks.

Instead, you can use the words that create the urge to open the emails and these can be:

  1. The word” because” along with a request to white list the emails increase the chances to get it read from 60% to 94%.
  2. “You”, when used in any email copy personalizes it and has the capacity to involve the readers with your emails.
  3. Using the word “Imagine” can force readers to actually imagine using any product or service which in turn creates the purchase desire.

To sum up this post, let’s take a quick look at some of the best practices for Welcome Emails:

  • Thank customers for subscribing and joining your committee.
  • Set the frequency for future communications.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions that can help to improve your services.
  • Make subscribers aware about your privacy policy
  • Provide instructions about white listing your domain.

Wind up

These tips will help you to create welcome emails that will increase conversion rates and so next time you get any new subscriber, make sure to send an improved welcome email as this will definitely create the urge to open and take a look at these emails.

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