Ways in Which You Can Use Social Media Marketing Melbourne Service to Promote Your Event

Does your business use social media to promote your business? Social media is the most powerful tool that helps you to gain exposure for hosting a physical conference or an event. Social media marketing Melbourne reveals the ways of increasing awareness, engagement, and sales for your event.

Social media marketing tips 2022

  • Use Facebook ads for remarketing your prospects

Facebook audiences allow you to show ads to people who visited your site. This is known as remarketing or retargeting. Advertisers can show event ads to the Facebook users who leave your site without purchasing a ticket. Remarketing is an effective strategy as people rarely buy it the first time or see an offer. This is true for big-ticket items like conferences and conventions. When you advertise your site visitors, exclude your FB users who have purchased a ticket. This can be accomplished by creating a custom audience from the same page used to track conversions.

  • Create highlight reels from earlier events

The videos provide an opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of any event. Great visuals and audios is a good combination that drives registration. It creates engagement opportunities as videos are shared with friends. It is important to know your audience so that you make the benefits of attending clear. Videos can be shared on your website, landing page, newsletter, articles and social media. Social media marketing Melbourne suggests including a registration link in the description of your video.

  • Harness power of visual testimonials

Do you have comments in surveys from previous events? Create a template with HD images and color palette to unify your marketing efforts to make it easy to share testimonial quotes. Create a graphic image with quotes and comments. Share all these visuals in your email marketing campaign, social platform, blogs, etc. Give attribution to the commenter. Have third party statements as it lends credibility to you.

  • Bonus

Create a testimonial video to display passion and enthusiasm your event inspires. A good testimonial video builds trust by allowing viewers to see and hears words of praise. Testimonials from presenters are effective as they are a trustworthy and credible source of knowledge.

  • Empower affiliates and attendees with shareable assets

Make easy to share your events by providing downloadable content in the form of audio, video, article, etc. Provide web page with downloaded resources that fit any platform. Accommodate different styles of posting and image requirements for various social networks. Rich media assets ensure that there is something that everyone can share.

  • Use attendee’s photos in social updates

If you have repeat event, leverage photos that you took at the previous event. Share user generated content on social accounts. Take fun pictures of some attendees and create a status update. Identify people in the picture and be sure to tag them. This gives an opportunity to comment and talk about how you learned or what time they had for attending. Has a photo booth to capture fun photos of attendees to use in marketing events.

Lots of work goes into pulling off a good event. Social Media Marketing Melbourne suggests on giving glimpses into an exciting and chaotic experience by sharing images and videos of preparations. Share stories on pulling everything together and do not forget that mistakes and challenges keep happening. Be authentic and share all the challenges you are facing and take steps to resolve them. It humanizes your brand and makes it more relatable. For a detailed and effective results getting in contact with the Platinum SEO, Melbourne Company yields a fruitful result.