Social Media Marketing Melbourne Techniques That Affect SEO

Digital marketing is the method to engage the audience and drive the traffic to a website. The best channel to it is through the social media marketing. It makes a positive increase in the high number of shares and increase in ranking.

Here we are going to discuss on the social media marketing Melbourne experts technique that is made completely as per the Google.

Ranking high in Google is a sign of richness to the website and the best thing is to make an account in almost of the best social sites and regular updates on those. Like the increase in followers in twitter, Google+, Instagram and having daily an additional number of likes to the website influences the website ranking.

Social Media Marketing Melbourne Techniques

It directly optimizes the website and helps to get backlinks as the users/ viewers comment on the posts.

  1. Marketing of content through worthy shares:

Making high-quality content in not sufficient, equally, it needs to be marketed. Well, the question stands how to market. Posting in Linkedin, sharing in G+ and FB’s is a chain process that takes your content to the end users or readers.

But posting the same in top content domains makes it targeted to the eye of other content creators and help to get a + result in the SEO. So, how can content be made so appealing that it is not left unshared? Read here:

  • Check the posting time it’s a peak moment or not?
  • Add the #tag retweet that is a polite invitation
  • View similar blogs and monitor socially by commenting
  • Add quotes, sayings or trendy lines
  • Use catchy images and classy titles that let the user click
  • Make it worth reading through subheads
  1. Target the pain point of the audiences:

Targeting the content as informative rather than promotional is fruitful. It could be either tips, issues, ideas, steps or give the solution to the questions.  It must be more appropriate through its title like “5 tips to earn followers in twitter” or “How to grow FB fans” such titles give the dedicated followers.

Next is to make the audiences engaged till the end of your content and give a perfect conclusion. But how to find the top issues of the audience, read here:

  • Make a free survey
  • Examine related search results of the Google
  • Regular check the competitors post and its viewers
  1. Making relations with the audience:

Getting audience is made through effective SEO but retaining them is a tough task. This could be done only by a relation with the audience. For this considering the number of likes and post shared as well as the comments made in a day may help. It contributes a high chance and engages the users. Here are the few ideas how it could be done. Read here:

  • Share the prepared content
  • Try to find other social platforms
  • Visit the web pages, and get referral visit that directly boosts
  • Post your web link to drive signal

Developing the relation role is well played through the keywords placed using the #tags, view the profiles of other to build connection, discover similar business and always consider audience as a priority.


Taking a Social media marketing is not a tough job but promoting it highly is a tactful task. It is done only when taken care by the Social Media Marketing Melbourne experts. Platinum SEO gives a quality result oriented service because it values the customers!!