No need of URLs in Google Mobile Search Results

If you closely take a look at your websites’ mobile search results and you will find some amazing changes in the search results. The reason, recently Google announced that it is thinking to ban the display of URLs in mobile search results.

This change has already taken place in some of the search results on and slowly it will be effective for every Google website. You can refer to Google webmaster central blog to know about the various changes made by Google in its mobile search algorithm.

Is anyone aware about the reason for which Google constantly keeps on changing its algorithms? As per Google, the main aim is to help visitors with appropriate information that will help searchers to understand your website in a perfect manner.

Google follows a perfect set of some mark up requirements so that the website name must be coded which can be used on various mobile searches.

So, before deciding the website name, make sure you follow the technical instructions which are as follows:

  • Site name must be similar to domain name
  • Site name must be a natural name which generally refers to the sites and not the company.
  • It should be unique to your site only and not any other website.
  • It should never mislead your customers.

This change in Google’s mobile search experience will lead to many thoughts. According to Google, this is one of the best presentation of pages. Currently, the algorithms are being updated which display the URLs in the search results and now these will slowly show the names of the websites with the real name of the website instead of domain name and URL structure of the site in a breadcrumbs format.

But yet this Site Name feature is supported only in US and this will help Google determine the site name of the website by using the schema. So, from now onwards; the mobile search results displayed will have the following difference:

These breadcrumbs are currently used worldwide. Sometimes, desktop results also show such breadcrumbs and at times these are clickable. These type of bread crumbs were first used by Google in 2009.

Few people disliked this new look, you can also share your thoughts about this new way of search results being displayed. But on the other hand this can be useful as smaller devices can actually shorten the URL length and so this change is actually useful.

So, from now on there won’t be cut in URL length on small screens and even the search results will be appear to be perfect on the diminutive screen sizes. Further, this new change also considers the URL conversion process into the easily readable one.

Wind up:

Hope this blog post will help you to understand this new Google change in a perfect manner. So, now if you are actually focusing more on mobile search results then you must actually focus on site name instead of the URL.

Reason; you might have understood from this blog post.

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