Re-plan Your Mobile SEO for Better Visibility across all Devices

From a couple of days, we have been kept on discussing about 2015 SEO marketing trends, digital marketing trends, predictions in the SEO field and lots more. So, we all know that in 2015 mobile friendly websites, mobile SEO etc are the hot topics.

For every website that will be developed or redesigned in 2015, mobile exposure is necessary as Google considers it as one of the factors to measure website rankings. The main motto of Google and other such giant search engines is to provide better user experience and due to this reason Google has started focusing on mobile exposure and most it is now considered as one of the factors in website ranking.

Mobile SEO

However, for many business owners who haven’t yet adopted this feature for them the question is how to improve the mobile reach and in order to answer this question, we have come up with the answers in this blog post with few easy steps:

  • Know the area of interest of mobile users:Users using the mobile version expect different things as that compared to the one visited on desktop. Mobile devices have some limitations and their own features and due to this reason, it is necessary for marketers to develop their own mobile optimization strategy for the content in order to gain more exposure.Certain aspects of mobile such as screen size, speed of the device etc must be considered while developing a perfect strategy. Evaluate the analytics to identify how visitors view your brand and take interest in it. Strategy must be developed keeping in mind the need and demand of the audience.
  • Responsive web design:The website must be easily loaded on mobile devices and must be easily readable. We must never use desktop version on mobile. The website content must be easily readable on every type of mobile device. Any mobile friendly website must get loaded within 3-5 seconds as users tend to leave those websites which take more loading time.In case, the website is found to be giving poor performance then Google can bring down the website’s rankings. Always we should be aware of our page performance using various tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster and Developer tools.
  • Make most use of mobile site map:We can see every desktop website has a sitemap as this makes it easier for users to navigate in the entire website. Similarly, it is also advisable to create a XML sitemap for mobile and then submit it to Google and Bing as this increases the visibility and as a result, search engines can easily find our content and relevantly index web pages.
  • Always develop mobile redirects:Some business owners prefer to create a separate mobile version of their website instead of developing a responsive one and so for these separate mobile versions it is important to have proper redirects to other mobile friendly pages.
  • Optimizing meta tags:Long tail keywords are now mostly used to search any item however in case of mobile the way of searching is different. To meet the mobile SEO criteria, try to keep title tags between 40-60 characters and Meta tags within 90 characters.
  • Keep users engaged with your content:Mobile is the prime device for many to surf internet and so developing content which is displayed on all devices sometimes becomes difficult. It is recommended to keep content as short and simple as possible. For videos and images embedding, HTML5 is recommended rather than Flash as it improves accessibility as well as load time.
  • Maximizing the visibility through local optimization:Local optimization is necessary to get more sales from various mobile devices. In case your website is available in local search done from mobile devices then it is necessary to have the website’s local mobile SEO properly optimized.Make most use of optimized local content to maximize search indexing. Mobile rankings can also be increased by developing detailed page listings. It is necessary to create all pages with complete information in order to be visible when searching for targeted keywords.
  • Test mobile SEO from user’s point of view:Mobile SEO and content usability are interrelated. It also reflects the overall user experience of the website. In order to get more and more exposure, it is highly recommended to explore the website from the user’s view. Test the website to know the user experience and then manage it accordingly.

Wind Up:

Mobile SEO is becoming increasingly important as now days most people prefer to visit every website on their mobile device and so it is important to make the website mobile friendly as well as optimize its local SEO with a view to gain more rankings.

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