Use Consumer Psychology to know Digital Marketing in a better way

Digital marketing strategies are developed to get more customers and so it is necessary that proper digital marketing strategy must be used to make sure that relevant message is delivered to the customers.

And it is one of the reasons to know consumer psychology as it will help to develop proper strategy that can directly enter into the minds of consumers. A consumer’s buying decision is influenced by many factors and if these are considered while preparing an online marketing strategy then chances to get more conversions are likely to increase.


Types of marketing techniques that can actually affect buyer’s purchasing decision:

  • Balanced marketing: This is one of the effective marketing techniques that promote product’s overall quality by giving importance to its benefits rather than features. This is really a useful technique to attract logical customers.
  • Emotional Marketing: Such marketing strategies considers those elements which highly influence the consumer on a personal level and force the consumer to focus mainly on things like tone, colour, lighting and mood in order to increase conversion rates and to influence the brand loyalty.

Now let’s take a look at some of fundamentals that affect Consumer Behaviour.

Fundamentals affecting Consumer Behaviour:

As per the recent neuro study, the purchase decisions many depend on the type of feelings and emotions instead of information, price or any other facts which are discussed very often in marketing.

According to an expert psychologist Daniel Kahneman, consumers generally wish to purchase from the place where purchases are made easily and no hard work is needed.

This knowledge can definitely help digital marketers to frame a perfect plan in order to sustain in this competitive market and this is directly related to the past shopping experiences of the customers.

Yeah, so from now keep in mind the past shopping trends before framing a future marketing plan. Yet, one thing we should know is what tends the customer to take decision either to leave the website without purchasing anything or process checkout and get transformed into a customer.

So, here we will look at some factors that actually affect checkout process:

When we are online, we see several ads on the website or even while searching on Google, consumers come across innumerable ads on regular basis and so it’s necessary for business to consider both balanced as well as emotional marketing strategy while preparing marketing campaigns.

Price points are something that actually influences the buying decision or even the entire checkout process. Some of the pricing strategies that can be considered are as follows:

  • Display ads: A passionate buyer admired deeply by the advertisement will definitely purchase the product and that too in quick time without thinking much about it. A lower price will always lead to maximum conversion rates.
  • Bulk Wrapping: Combo offers are hot favourite in the market and so try to offer certain offers where you can sell good product range in a bulk at nominal price. This will definitely drive more customers.
  • Sweet Spot Pricing: We can see prices like AUS $49, $99, $19999 and more. The reason behind using such pricing technique is to ensure customers that get the product one dollar cheaper as compared to others.Even if it’s a dollar difference, it seems cheaper to people. So, it’s recommended to use such techniques to get more conversions.

Apart from these pricing techniques, other pricing techniques can also be considered to get more consumers. Also, it’s mandatory that customers feel safer while purchasing from any website and to increase trust, wordings, and security certificates are important.

So, always try to use affirmations and positive sentences in the product description as well as other website content as this will ensure the buyers that they are taking right decisions.

Wind up:

Hope this blog post helps you to create a well effective digital marketing strategy. To make sure that your online marketing plan will yield good results, kindly get it scrutinized from experts at Platinum SEO, Professional SEO Melbourne and avail the better guidance if you need.