Is it Possible to Exist with Traditional SEO Expertise?

Few times back, there was a rumour that SEO is dead and many people search about it as well to which they get enormous articles as results. This was really surprising news especially for industry experts. SEO is not dead however it has changed a little bit.

Google’s first round of updates in the field of traditional SEO was ineffective and outdated. Well, what changed in the first round of updates? So, first 2011 updates included of Google Panda consisting of keywords and links, qualitative rankings, trust and value.

SEO has become more strategic than just a tactical approach. The concepts of search engine optimization must be applied with a perfect planning. Here, we have described about certain ways that traditional SEO experts can apply to new strategic method.

The main aspect of traditional SEO : Link structure

In traditional SEO, the website’s internal structure was considered as one of the integral factors. In today’s SEO industry also website SEO structure plays an important role in making the visibility decisions.

Previously, link structure was important because it helped to index the pages which in turn were important to maximize the page rank. Now, the traditional SEO techniques are used to develop user centric website architecture, responsive user interface and more.

Designing user interface or a website structure to get the pages indexed, both need a deep understanding of the process which can provide proper strategic guidance.

Link Building is now known as Content Promotion:

This may not look true but it is. Link building was one of the old SEO tactics that has completely changed in today’s SEO world. The meaning, purpose of link building highly differs from that in the previous SEO tactics.

Previously, link building was related to submission of links in various directories, link trading etc. Once these sites got ranked perfectly then as per Google updates these tactics were penalized.

Yes, the main thing that can be learnt and utilized from Link building is the effective SEO outreach. Through link building, professionals were trained enough to identify the best potential sites that can provide some of the benefits.

Be it guest blogging, affiliate deals, ongoing partnerships, these all techniques are still useful in modern SEO even though link building is not relevant. Traditional SEO techniques focus more on long lasting relationships as this will automatically provide new links.

Keyword targeting in traditional SEO is considered as metrics management:

Classic SEO methods concentrated on only one goal i.e. to gain as higher rankings as possible (obviously first ranking is the limit) for maximum number of keywords. The use of irrelevant keywords also leads to increase in traffic.

However, this misconception was changed when Google started taking action against those sites that just stuffed irrelevant keywords in order to gain maximum traffic. These sites were penalized as Google strongly focuses on websites that provide useful information to the visitors.

And the main focus was on user related metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, click through rate, impressions, clicks, page views, traffic source and lots more. Slowly, these metrics were considered to measure the user’s interest rather than just stuffing irrelevant keywords.

Wind Up:

Choosing relevant keywords, supervising onsite user behaviour are the tactics that can be used to solve strategic problems and survive in the new modern SEO world. The teachings are old however they are to be applied to the new modern SEO.

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