How Marketing Mix can be Integrated with Social Media

Social media is treated as one of the most reputable platforms that can be used to market any business or brand and make it viral. However, it’s important to properly integrate digital marketing efforts with social media as both cannot work efficiently when separated.

Social media marketing is a term derived with the combination of social media and marketing efforts. So, a mixture of marketing efforts with social media can serve as a boon for the companies and hence it becomes easy to measure the ROI of the marketing campaigns.

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So, here’s how these two can be combined in the best possible way to make it effective:

  • Quality Content: When it comes to social media, quality content is what matters a lot. Making use of any of the social media sites along with the ongoing content marketing campaigns can work wonders.This consists of articles, blogs and more whatsoever is needed. Your blogs, articles can be easily shared on well known social media channels and if the content is quite informative and interesting then it can gain innumerable traffic.It’s one of the preferable methods to make sure that content is working and is getting good response or not.
  • Proper Customer support: Engaging with clients on social media is another way of establishing reputation on social media platforms as it helps to build a proper community. So, bring your customers to the awareness that you too share a service desk on social media platforms.
  • Brochures: In case, you are still using brochures then make sure to add your social web address to those brochures and also include those brochures in your social media profiles so that those interested in you can easily get in touch with you.
  • Sending invitations: Send invites from your social media fan page to people to get connected with you with a view to get more information, coupons and discounts or entry in contests and such campaigns can render marvellous results.
  • Hiring people: Social media serves as one of the best ways to recruit people. Users can apply to the post suitable to them and then the profiles can be scrutinized based on the company requirements. This helps to select a perfect candidate for your business.
  • Trade Shows: Willing to try one? Don’t forget to announce it on social media with the help of #hash tags relevant to that show so that you can easily connect with people and the attendees with a view to market your trade show online.
  • Get more leads: Yes, maximum leads are of course necessary. However, it’s necessary to do some research online and get information about clients and find the key decision makers, get connected with them via social media. It’s one of the preferable ways to stay in touch with industry leaders.
  • Stay connected with customers: A wide platform where customers can get easily in touch with you is social media. This can be highly advantageous to companies who wish to keep in touch with customers on their recommended social media channel in order to keep the relationship going on.

Wind up:

Hence, social media should serve as a part of your business strategy and must be integrated along with digital marketing efforts. The way it’s combined with marketing reflects the results generated. So, integrate them wisely.

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