Radio Advertising: A Good Companion to Digital Marketing Strategy

Now days, radio is available in every device; be it mobile, laptop, tablet etc. Even people love to listen to online radio directly from the internet. Radio ads generate sufficient amount of ROI and we can say that Radio is a convenient form of entertainment even on the go.

So, how can Radio be used as a lead generation tool?

Radio ads are generally linked with brand awareness. But, we can use it as an effective marketing tool which serves to be a good companion for digital marketing strategy that is used to generate leads.

Creating Successful Online Radio Advertisements - Spacial
Radio is the form of entertainment that is used by all including the potential customers. Hence, it’s a good way to reach out to the customers. So, let’s understand how the combination of radio and digital marketing can be used to generate leads.

Using Radio as a part of Digital marketing strategy:

  • Developing a well targeted Radio Campaign: The main task is to create a well developed effective radio campaign where the ad gets quickly connected with the audience. Your ad must include an offer that actually creates excitement in your audience.
  • Getting a specific domain: Unique website name helps visitors to easily identify you among search results and hence visitors will get landed easily on your website’s landing page. Make sure you select a short domain name that is easy to spell and easy to remember.
  • Combine radio ad with Landing page: Your radio ad should clearly reveal the information available on the landing page that has easy call to action process along with a short form asking for the required details in order to get the lead information.With these three easy steps, one can easily utilize radio ad with the digital marketing campaign. An esteemed company ran three radio campaigns where two were education webinars and one was give – away offer. Each campaign was of 30 seconds and lot of them were played during off peak times.And the firm that carried out these radio campaigns generated over 300 leads in just two months. Really amazing, isn’t it! Know the power of Radio and try to utilize this medium as a part of your digital marketing campaign.

Wind up:

Well, not every business can actually be benefitted by Radio ads. Yes, depending on your business industry; you must select the marketing method that actually helps you to generate maximum leads.

Results depend highly on the advertisement quality, target audience; type of offers provided by the company and the main thing your website URL which must be easily memorized by people. As per the experience of many Radio Ad professionals, radio advertisements must run for minimum one month in order to be effective and once they are effective then these must be repeated frequently in order to get the desired results.

Hope this new part of digital marketing will definitely be useful to you to get good results. Wish to stay updated with latest digital marketing techniques then stay tuned to Platinum SEO, Professional SEO in Melbourne.