Is Your Digital Marketing Really Out of Date?

Day in Day out, we can see several updates in the digital marketing industry. Hence, every time before creating digital marketing strategy it’s necessary to know about current trends in the industry and then create the strategy accordingly so as to get the business benefited properly from digital marketing.

As per the recent survey, based on the review of digital marketers it is proved that staying updated with latest marketing trends as well as technology is one of the toughest challenges in the world. Here, we have described two different digital marketing approaches which when adopted in today’s life can make digital marketing easy.

Several aspects of Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media: During early days of social media, popularity and no. of followers was of prime importance. This is one of the reasons why people were attracted enough to spend the money to buy the followers.Apart from this, it also led to the creation of fake social accounts. This may not increase popularity but it can make you look desperate.

  • Mobile optimization: Optimizing your website for mobile devices is one of the useful ways to increase the number of viewers. Now, some people will decide to get a separate website developed for mobile devices having a sub domain and some will hire a professional and will get the business oriented responsive website developed.The difference is that in former one the content may not be readable properly while in the later one the content can be easily readable irrespective of the device used and its size.So, the later one to develop responsive web design is more useful option now a days and two separate websites one for laptops and other for mobile is an outdated trend.

  • SEO: When it comes to SEO, people believe that spending sufficient amount for SEO of any website is mandatory and so they would prefer to hire an expert in field or outsource the project to experts in the SEO industry.While in today’s time, what people do is just develop attractive content and divide it among various social networks which in turn can lead to more shares and links to the website.Which one is more preferable? If we talk about SEO, then it is not dead but is getting more complex and somewhat expensive. Previously, keyword stuffing and link building were the tactics used to get more rankings.

    But now, this is not the case as Google mostly prefers content quality and back links. So, now when you think about SEO, keep in mind that quality links and attractive content are important to get more rankings.

    To make this process easy, it is important to grow and maintain social networks as it will get more audience and this in turn will lead to maximum content shares.

  • Banner Ads: Previously, local companies were paid enough to display such ads on thousands of websites to generate maximum impressions while today people make most use of paid social media platforms in order to increase ad visibility to the target market.Advertisers generally used to buy ad spaces on websites which had their targeted audience and in today’s time social media allows advertisers to target their display ads with much accuracy and targeting.Based on various interests and demographic details, social media ads can be easily targeted and this will provide more relevant as well as effective target.

  • Email Marketing: During the initial period of SEO industry, email lists were purchased to make email marketing as popular as possible. However, in today’s time a user’s email id is used against free content and then it is divided among the various email lists.Companies willing to purchase non opt in lists face poor performance and are reported for abuse. Such spammy email marketing can early worsen the brand image and so avoid purchasing email lists.

  • Analysing Performance: The performance of applied marketing techniques was analyzed via various methods starting from website conversion attributes and other such ways that people used to enter the site.Today, people understand how users interact with them before actually being transformed into real customers. So, first of all how users take buying decisions is to be understood and then the conversion value is to be assigned across every step in the process.Users will communicate several times before actually purchasing the brand and this shows that marketing tactics must be well framed to easily help the buyer to make the purchase decision and marketing should affect buyer at every stage of purchasing.

So, rather than looking at the last channel that was used to enter your website, it’s better to find the several ways that a buyer can use to reach to you and then identify how profitable that way is and then finally select the one that is more profitable for various different campaigns.

This helps to get a perfect picture of ROI and helps to make a relevant profit generating marketing investments.

Wind up:

Hence, while framing digital marketing strategy, take a look at recent trends and then adopt the ones that actually suit your needs. In case you wish to get any assistance then you can get connected with one of the best SEO Services provider in Melbourne, Platinum SEO.