How SEO Services in Melbourne Prevents Website from Google Penalties

If your website has again suffered from hard penalties, then its times to consult Melbourne SEO Services experts who would determine that your website follows the Google guidelines. They will make sure that the website always follows right SEO ethics to stay on the top pages on Google.


Google has released its blog to give warning to all those webmasters who have been continuously violating the Google guidelines will now suffer with heavy penalties. In the Google official blog, Quality Assurance team has stated that that website who found to be a repeated spammer will face hard penalties from Google. Therefore, it is important that all websites should follow the Google guidelines and implement ethical SEO strategies to get index in search result. Many webmasters consider the SEO Services in Melbourne to make sure their website does not get penalized.

Why Google Penalize Websites?

Google has released Penguin update in 2012 that push out the website with the poor quality content. To give unique quality content meeting the user requirements, now the websites have to strictly follow the ethical SEO approach and the Google algorithm to make sure getting good rankings in search engine.

The SEO Services in Melbourne have been following the ethical SEO strategies to convert a website to be professional and eliminating the fear of poor rankings. Since the release of Google Penguin, these SEO professionals have been studying latest update to develop new strategy for the website content.

Google penalties website when they try to misguide Google by following wrong links, hidden content and false redirects.

If any website tries to cheat Google, then sooner or later, they will face heavy penalty from Google.

How to Recover from Google Penalty?

The foremost step is to find out the Backlinks and other consequences that have dropped your website rankings. A ‘reconsideration request’ has to be sent to Google. But, remember not to send it until you have made any progress towards its compliance. Address all the compliance issues to fix them all. This also motivates Google to work on your request. To eliminate any risk of getting penalized again, it is always recommended that the website should not repeat spam again after sending the reconsideration request to Google.

Google has clearly stated that the website that repeatedly follow the spam after sending the reconsideration request will land themselves in trouble and strict action will be taken to their site.

What to do on getting penalized?

Always try to avoid spamming your website. Follow Google guidelines. As the SEO professionals are experienced and knowledgeable who understand complete optimization techniques and build strategies to keep the website fully optimized.

As Google penalized the website, therefore these professionals make sure that the repeated process is not followed by a website. There is a need to change the way a website is getting optimized. The most important is to find what has caused the website penalized. On discovering the issues immediate action has to be taken to resolve the problems.

Wind Up

Websites even suffer from harsh penalties from Google if they found to repeatedly violate the guidelines, Hence, affordable SEO services in Melbourne experts carefully study the websites and implement the ethical SEO techniques on the website to prevent it suffering from penalties.