Best Web Design Newsletters Preferable for Web Designers

Web design is a field that constantly evolves and gets more updates as compared to those of other IT fields. Designers need to stay updated with these evolutions. It is very tough to keep up with the current trends without any proper source and here web design newsletters are helpful.

Subscribing to the best of these is one of the ways to be aware about current trends, industry news and get the proper selection of useful web design links. Most of these are available for free. So, let’s take a look at the same.

Newsletters those are highly useful for Web Designers:

    • Side bar: This is a very useful newsletter which offers five design links on regular basis and these are the links chosen by well known industry experts.
    • Versioning: Noteworthy web design and development links are available on this amazing newsletter that is offered by

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  • Hey Designer: This will provide you useful and completely informative articles related to design and development on every Sunday.
  • Web Designer Newsletter: This newsletter offers freebies, various tools and articles to the web designer that will be useful to develop an amazing website.
  • Inbox Pixels: Are you in search of enormous varieties of animated GIFs? Then this newsletter is for you.
  • Web Design Weekly: Every week you will be updated with latest web design news, tutorials and articles.
  • Responsive Design Weekly: This offers an overview as well as latest news about responsive web design. It also recommends tools and tutorials for the same.
  • Web Tools Weekly: This newsletter contains information about tools which are of great use to web developers and designers. The tools listed here are suggested by Sitepoint’s HTML/CSS editor Louis Lazaris.
  • User Focus: Every month you will get a newsletter that offers information about usability consultancy firm which contains links to UX as well as usability news, articles , resources and tutorials.
  • UX stack exchange weekly newsletter: This includes the summary of well known questions related to user experience as well as discussions conducted on Stack exchange about user experience.
  • Design + Code: This includes information about iOs, Xcode, Sketch and design resources.
  • Product Design Weekly: With this news; one can remain on the top of digital product design.
  • Dribble Newsletter: It offers ideas, suggestions, news, updates that are related to web design and these are the ones suggested by Dribble team.
  • Design TAXI newsletter: Get amazing content related to web design which will inspire web designers and help them to boost their creativity.
  • Web Designer depot: This website offers newsletters that contain the weekly recap of all the articles, tools and tutorials that are related to Web Design.

These are some amazing newsletters that can keep web designers updated with latest trends in web designing field. Yes, there are many more other available but these are the best ones according to our research and experience.

Wind Up:

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