Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Your Websites Search Engine Optimisation

The fact is that now days if your business isn’t on the first page of Google, it’s lost. Statistics show that nearly 90% of people only look on the first page of results – with the top three ranked sites getting the largest percentage of clicks.

There are mountains of information available online about how to make sure that your site ranks well. It’s easy to get confused and confusion can often lead to inaction. So, we decided to show you five simple factors to focus on that will help improve your SEO; without resulting in information overload and inaction.

Great Content in Search Engine

It’s not really a new concept. However, it’s amazing how often this fact is ignored. Simply by creating relevant content you are more likely to engage your website visitors and convert them into customers.  Great content will lead to people wanting to link to your site, post on social media or share it via twitter. These links will increase your page rank and Google loves new content.


There is a rumour floating around the internet that keyword’s are dead. This isn’t entirely true. Keyword stuffing and specific density has seen its day but keywords and phrases have not. If you know what your customers are searching for, you need to make sure that your content includes those terms. You must write your content in a way that includes the relevant keywords naturally. Remember, you should write content for people and not for Google.


Make sure that all of your pages have the relevant title & meta tags. Ensure that the title and meta tags accurately describe what is on the page. This is important because it’s part of the way that Google can tell if your content is relevant to the search term. Many sites on the web use duplicate title tags and descriptions not realising their importance. Simply by making sure your tags are unique and accurately describe the pages content – you will be ahead of many sites on the web.

Out Bound Links

Linking to other authority sites is a great way to help your website rank well in Google. It’s also an added benefit to your readers. Obviously you shouldn’t link to your competitors’ site but outbound links show Google that your site has your visitor’s interests in mind.  Some great sites to link to are YouTube and Wikipedia.


Backlinks are extremely important. They are one of the most important deciding factors as to why your site will rank well in Google.  Getting backlinks can take time, however if you produce good content, backlinks will form naturally. You can encourage backlinks by reaching out to others in your market and promoting your website. Do not under estimate the power of focused marketing.

These are five main ways to simplify your search engine optimisation strategy. If you produce great content consistently with relevant keywords, make sure your tags are unique and accurate and have a relevant outbound and inbound link profile; you will give your website every chance of ranking well on Google.