Guerrilla Marketing and Local SEO: Part 4

Till now, in our three previous parts we discussed about 12 of the Guerrilla marketing concepts with relevance to Local SEO. So, today in this last but not the least part; we are going to consider the remaining concepts so that the entire Guerrilla Marketing is clear to you and then you will be able to use it for your Local SEO.

What is Guerrilla Marketing? Risks & Rewards in Guerrilla Marketing

Let’s move ahead to have a look at remaining concepts:

  • Be dependent on other businesses: This sounds something typical. Why should you be dependent on other businesses? But small business owners in their initial stages need to do so. The reason is new business owners may fail to achieve success as during initial stages everything may seem difficult.So, in order to achieve true success; one must always learn from various businesses by being dependent on them as well as increasing the teamwork. The team contains everyone including a web developer as well as SEO Company.The entire networking group involves customers from all parts of dependencies that help you to achieve more than what actually you can achieve when you are alone. Accept technology and dependencies and make sure that you consider this as an important part of your Guerrilla Local SEO strategy.
  • Get skilled on using Guerrilla technology: In order to attain victory in the marketing battle; one must have proper skill set including the knowledge to use various technological tools, a well optimized website as well as some local PPC adverts, local SEO, Re- marketing and bunch of some online activities.If we take a look from entire local SEO perspective then all we need is properly optimized and regular content along with a perfect website with all local SEO elements including authority, pages related to particular location, local links and content and many of the reviews at each of the right place.
  • Marketing must be successful in gaining permission from your customers: Sometimes; permission from clients is important as this is the key factor of modern marketing. The first page of marketing must be to get permission from customers to pursue marketing to them.This can be in any form such as email marketing, news paper subscription, social follows, free download as well as remarketing adverts once the blog post is read. With permission of customers; one can deliver high value content as well as create familiarity and trust which increases the confidence in various touch points.
    As time passes this consent then becomes a desirable action.
  • Promote the content related to your product or service: When you are adopting Guerrilla SEO marketing then content means inclusion of things that you actually offer. For this, first of all you must have product or service of good quality to sell to your customers.Once this condition is fulfilled then comes the content which will add value to your marketing strategy. So, first get the permission from clients and then promote quality content to them through your website, local search, social search and then your guerrilla marketing catapult is ready to work for you.
  • Keep updating your programme, don’t be steady ever: We should stick to one marketing programme only however it must be updated as per the latest trends as everyday new opportunities and updates are available in the market.So, while adopting Guerrilla Local SEO approach; you will reach far ahead of uncommitted as well as uninspired efforts but there’s no reason to stand still as this will only hinder your progress.

Wind up:

If you are really willing to use Guerrilla local marketing then what you need is just few things including investment, payment, consent, content, commitment and payment. So, always create a marketing plan that considers each and every marketing channel as well as marketing strategy.

So, this was the entire Guerrilla Local SEO marketing that can be adopted into business. For more such updates, stay connected with Platinum SEO; SEO in Melbourne.