Guerrilla Marketing and Local SEO: Part 3

So, till now we discussed four concepts of Guerrilla marketing and how these are useful in developing Local SEO strategy. Today, in this blog post i.e. Part 3; we will discuss about more of these concepts in detail.


Let’s begin:

  • Use proper equipments or a combination thereof: SEO is a successful form of guerrilla marketing for many of the Local SEO businesses. What a successful marketing campaign is? Is it the one that has more number of paid ads or remarketing or retargeting ads or maximum appearance on various social media networks?No, it is not. A perfect marketing campaign must use a defined set of weapons or we can say set of proper marketing techniques that can be used to develop marketing strategy. This will help you to gain buyer’s confidence and will give you maximum familiarity among your visitors.
  • Wait for first sale and then profit will flow: Maintaining loyal customers is easy if we have followed proper marketing tactics. The cost of selling a product to a new customer is six times more as compared to that of selling the same to the old one.Once you make sincere efforts then you can easily sell your product to existing customers. Hence, it is necessary to move ahead from a simple Local SEO strategy to the advanced one. So, apart from being patience and committed one must make constant efforts to develop relationships.This will increase the sales thus giving long term value to the customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to use your service or product: Customers must find it easy to get your products and services and they must be able to use it very easily. Among all of the marketing levels, convenience must be given most preference.Your business must be easy to find, have quick contact details, provides all the necessary information without any hassles, offer flexible payment options and more. Local SEO is very similar to that of convenience point of view.So, try to identify things that are good for your customers and these are good for your local SEO as well.
  • Amaze your customers with your marketing process. It’s an important element: Use the potential of your business and create amazement among your clients. This can be done via your marketing techniques, price, customer service, skills or anything else that will surprise your audience.You must have some unique points that keeps you stand apart from other who are into the same business. Amaze your audience with confidence and create amazement. In short, your marketing must fascinate your customers.
  • Measure your marketing efforts, Always!: Once you are committed to any marketing programme, it’s not advisable to change it but one can definitely measure the marketing efforts and then if needed, necessary changes must be made so that desired results are available.Yes, sometimes certain portion of marketing fails to get the desired results however one must measure the results at regular intervals to measure the success achieved from the marketing efforts. In case, some of your marketing techniques are not working then remove them and increase the implementation of those that are working. This will straightaway increase your profits.
  • Get involved with your customers via regular follow ups: It is a good practice to stay engaged with customers on daily basis. This can be by offering special discounts, special offers, contests and more.It’s advisable to have personalized communications in order to ensure that your customers are happy with your products and services and in case they are not then try to find out the ways to do so.For this task, one can make good use of social media platforms as well as online forums to develop communities and to keep customers updated with special offers that are visible only to them. This will give more loyal customers to your business.Then such customers can be asked to leave reviews against any special reward which will help businesses to create content that develops confidence and boosts credibility.

Wind Up:

In this post; we have covered the remaining concepts of Guerrilla Marketing. Few more will be covered in our upcoming blogs; till then stay tuned to Platinum SEO; SEO Experts in Melbourne.