Guerrilla Marketing and Local SEO

What SEO is all about? Is it just a way to increase rankings or is it just a way to increase visibility? Well, we know SEO is all about marketing. But if it’s about marketing then how can we do this using spammy links?

Instead we must make sure that the links or citations we are using must generate necessary business. This is perfect form of marketing. Marketing is the perfect form of communication. This is a tool that either makes or breaks your image in the minds of people.

Well, what’s marketing all about? Your product titles, meta descriptions and search engine listings are the ways that showcase your marketing efforts. With this, you can be in touch with your customer in every manner.

So, if the marketing basics are not applied properly then even a properly designed advertisement will fail. Similarly, a perfectly designed website without proper marketing efforts will fail to generate business.

Hence, marketers must pay attention even to very small points in order to make marketing successful. So, how’s Guerrilla marketing useful here?

What is Guerrilla Marketing? - Strategies & Examples | Feedough

All About Guerrilla Marketing:

Guerrilla marketing includes lots of things as compared to just a business website or online presence. All local SEO strategies must get combined in every manner to reach to your customers. The online shop front must contain your web address as well as physical address.

When these two get merged, the success arrives and here is where Guerrilla marketing comes into picture. So, irrespective of the type of marketing technique you are using; i.e. Local SEO, PPC as well as social marketing; all must lead you in same direction.

How Guerrilla marketing is useful to SEO?

The base of guerrilla marketing relies on 16 fundamental concepts which serve to be the foundation of perfect marketing. If you adopt this marketing mantra and use it while framing your SEO strategy as well as other marketing activities then you will soon be able to get SEO success.

These core concepts are as follows:

  • Be committed towards your marketing programme
  • Consider it as useful investment
  • Be consistent with your marketing programme
  • Make your clients feel confident
  • Have enough patience to see the results ( Rome was not built in a day)
  • Use proper equipments or a combination thereof
  • Wait for first sale and then profit will flow
  • Make it easy for customers to use your service or product
  • Measure your marketing efforts, Always!
  • Amaze your customers with your marketing process. It’s an important element
  • Get involved with your customers via regular follow ups.
  • Be dependent on other businesses.
  • Get skilled on using Guerrilla technology
  • Marketing must be successful in gaining permission from your customers.
  • Promote the content related to your product or service
  • Keep updating your programme, don’t be steady ever. ( Just update never change unless you are not getting the desired results.

Wind up:

So, this was an overview of how guerrilla marketing is useful in SEO. The detailed discussion about each of its concepts will be done in the second part. So, stay tuned with Platinum SEO, SEO Company in Melbourne.