Social SEO Strategy for your Business

We all have heard about “Social Media Strategy”, “Social Marketing Strategy” but what about “Social SEO Strategy”? What is this new term related to? Yes, while reading at first; even I was also surprised, puzzled and baffled and then thought that this is actually a very nice topic to be discussed upon.

How social SEO strategy can be useful for your business? What does it mean actually? Do we need to do SEO for our social media accounts or use a combination of SEO & Social Media or both? There are several such answers that will come to one’s mind when one sits to think about this “Social SEO”.

What does “Social SEO” mean?

To bring an end to this long term confusion, we have revealed its real meaning and it is like “doing traditional SEO along with social media”.

This is perfectly a good strategy that can be used to fight in today’s unending battle for maximum visibility and increased search rankings. Let’ say take the example of Google, it has gathered enormous user’s data via Google+, also it has lot of several content types that don’t impact search results.

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Apart from this, Twitter recently signed up with Google and so one can get more out of it. This means more visibility will lead to more links, but how this Social SEO strategy can be actually useful?

This Strategy can be useful for:

  • Brand Awareness: When you are launching any product or service; the next step after product launch is to create brand awareness or we can say brand recognition. Further, there are certain products that are often forgotten by customers when new ones are launched.In order to recall those old products, brand recognition is useful. So, whenever people need to use the type of services or products that you offer then they may prefer to get it from you and this is possible only if your brand is well recognized by people around the globe.
  • Importance of Links: Once in need of the products or services offered by you; people will always discover your brand and reach to you via links. These links are also used to promote content and so keeping it in front of right people can get you some favourable links that generally are hard to get.
  • Personalized results: When you add your profile in Google+ then it directly gets added into various Google accounts. A certain post or we can say article can get higher rankings in the personalized results if these are linked to any of your social accounts. This will help you to get more visibility via various links.
  • Google+ Local Results: When it comes to local search results, Google+ is one of the most recommended places. This is useful for people running local businesses. Ensure that you are active on Google+ and get more reviews as well as plus ones.

Apart from these, one can easily combine the social media efforts into SEO Process and this can be done in following ways:

  • Join as many groups, communities as you can on every social network you are engaged with. Groups, communities serve a best way to promote content.
  • Develop relationships by sharing your content and get links from people who can get in touch with you and help you to improve your website’s SEO.
  • Treat Social media as a tool to create unending relationships instead of just considering it as a tool to share the posts for getting more traffic. So, it’s time to connect with people and implement your social media strategy in a perfect manner.

Wind up:

Now, you will be ready to try out this new “Social SEO Strategy” as well. Make this strategy useful for your business and then the boost in your traffic by leaps and bounds. For further guidance regarding this strategy, get in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Company Melbourne.