Make use of Online Videos to Increase Traffic

We can call today’s age as digital age where most of the people rely on internet for their maximum queries. Today, customers love to watch videos as compared to reading content. A 4 minute video can explain the content of about 800 words.

Global Online Video Platforms Market Drives over 80%
Videos are more accepted by customers as compared to written text content. As per the study carried out by Syndacast, by 2017 videos will capture nearly 80% of the internet traffic. This shows that compared to content, videos are more effective.

How are Online Videos Useful?

SEO friendly videos having optimized titles and descriptions as well as keywords get higher rankings as compared to that of images. If the video contains enchanting thumbnails then they are likely to get more clicks.
Further, these videos can be easily embedded on corporate websites and can also be shared with clients in email campaigns. These are also used in training programs and can be viewed easily on devices like as smart phones and tablets.

In the growing digital marketing world, videos serve as an essential tool for marketing various brands. A digital marketer can gain useful insights about the targeted customers by evaluating the data like as number of likes, shares, demographic and geographic details as well as the time at which these are viewed most often.

Video marketing can be used to deliver the required message by selecting the required branding styles and voice tones. Hence, it has become mandatory for digital marketers to include video marketing in their digital marketing strategy.

Currently, video marketing is in its initial stage and as time lapses, their importance will increase. The issues occur when same marketing concepts are used for video marketing. As compared to various digital marketing techniques, this one is quick, engaging as compared to that of traditional marketing.

If you add a small video explaining your business in the homepage, we are damn sure it will get more clicks and visitors as compared to that one simply having banner and text and images. Try this out and let us know the results.

So, here are some tips that will help you to use video marketing effectively:

  • Make video marketing a part of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Define target audience, markets, video metrics and ROI from various video campaigns.
  • Create custom videos with the help of state of the art video making tools.
  • Have a planned video strategy which includes proper distribution of videos via social media channels.
  • Once the video is distributed then it should be monitored and evaluated so as to check whether the goals are achieved or not.

Wind up:

Hope this blog post from SEO Professionals at Melbourne, Platinum SEO was successful in explaining the importance of video marketing to its readers. Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any query or further guidance related to video marketing. We ensure you huge success if these are used properly with appropriate measures.