Know the Obsolete SEO Strategies that are Killers of Page Rankings

Some people don’t bother to use updated SEO strategies and keep on continuing with the older ones. This is really harmful to the health of any website. If one is intended to increase online presence then it’s necessary to make most of updated SEO strategy and get rid of those antique ones. So, let’s have a look at those antique SEO strategies that must actually be avoided.

Prefer to avoid these Old Fashioned SEO Strategies:

  • Making use of short content: It’s recommended to use longer contents (1500+ words) on regular basis as this will help to achieve maximum rankings. Shorter content can be preferable for mobile users. So, try to develop two types of content i.e. Shorter for mobile sites and longer one for desktop sites.
  • Limited Link Optimization: In previous times, when it came to increase online visibility what came in the minds of people is “keyword stuffing” and over optimizing the internal links. For example: If any keyword say “leather handbags” is popular then what people used to do is include this keyword n number of times in their website and add internal links to it.This strategy has been now inactive after the launch of Google Penguin and over optimization can now result into hard penalty. So, now use keywords wisely as it should not look the word is used mainly to optimize the link or you may get badly punished by Google.
  • One Keyword for One Page: Previously, this was very easy. People would easily optimize a page for given keyword by including it in the content. This lead to high ranks for low quality websites thus resulting into poor customer review for Google. After Google Panda’s release, such type of low quality content reduced the chances of getting high ranks and now webmasters develop specific content which includes every single topic having relevant links.This means instead of optimizing one page for one keyword, concentrate more on variety of keywords related to the topic. So, try to make use of well written informative content that uses necessary keywords.
  • Spammy Guest Blogging: Last clear, Matt Cutts declared “Guest Blogging is no more useful now”. The reason behind this declaration was Guest blogging has become much spammy and so a guest blog post would be considered only if it’s from known people. Guest blogging must no more be considered as relevant link building strategy. So, before selecting a website to post a guest blog; select the high quality sites that possess a good reputation in the industry and know about the quality of their guest bloggers. Posting blogs on low quality sites can lead to down ranking in Google.
  • Social Media: Social media has now become the centre of attraction and is widely used by almost every internet user. Sharing links on social media sites is highly useful and there’s no question that it will definitely be visible to almost every social media user.

Wind up:

Make most use of social media sites, avoid outdated SEO strategies and focus more on developing newer ones based on the updated SEO guidelines. To know more about updated SEO strategy, stay connected to Platinum SEO, SEO Company in Melbourne.