Effect of Social Media and SEO on Google Rankings

Internet is evolving by leaps and bounds. It’s necessary to quickly adapt to the situations. So, don’t stick to with the old SEO techniques instead learn to acquire to the new changes in the search algorithms.

These changes help you to realize how important social media sharing is to the entire SEO strategy. Hence, it’s necessary to know about current SEO rankings and identify its score before actually making any changes.

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Here, we will reveal three important reasons for using social media in to your SEO campaigns:

  • Use social media to boost search Rank: Google crawls social media sites in the same manner as it does for any other site. No change is made by Google while indexing social media sites.
  • Social media profiles get ranked in Search Engines: When you search your company or brand name, chances are there that your Facebook page can be available in the search results.In the same way, your profile on Google+ and other social media sites can also be seen in search rankings. Yet, it is true that Google+ profiles are clicked the most.
  • Always think about other search Engines as well: Apart from Google, other popular search engines like Bing also consider social media sites as the number of followers help them to understand the popularity of business and this helps to optimize the listing for search results.

Few more reasons to integrate SEO and Social Media:

  • Today’s world is social: Last year 2.9 billion active internet users were recorded and out of these 2.03 billion were active social media users. Social media is used to connect with friends and relatives.People depend on recommendations from friends and family when they need any advice regarding any product or service. Social media sharing helps to reach to the maximum audience which SEO may fail to do.
  • Rankings are directly related with social signals: Seeing the popularity of social media sites, Google decided to ponder over the things and hence made them a part of search rankings. The working of social media and that of search engine is completely different.Still the number of likes, shares, followers, tweets strongly affects your organic search rankings and so integration of social media and SEO can lead to boost in search rankings.
  • More Inbound Links can be availed from Social Media: With more social shares, we can see our traffic increased to an extent. Links serve the purpose of online votes that users use to maximize the visibility of your website.With WordPress, one can make effective use of its SEO Campaign as it offers advanced SEO tools to spurt the online presence.
  • Get real traffic with amalgamation of SEO and Social Media: 97% of links generated using traditional SEO link building techniques fail to bring targeted visitors to your site. The reason, SEO focuses on keywords and not the content.While social media traffic includes real people, highly targeted audience in the social circles that helps to generate high quality traffic to the websites.
  • Mobile Users get attracted via Social media: Social media accounts are mostly accessed from mobile devices. Increase in social sharing means getting maximum of mobile traffic. Hence, a responsive website is a must to encourage social sharing.
  • Spurt up Brand Engagement: Customer Engagement can be maximized to an extent with the help of social media. This means you can get more loyal customers with maximum visits to the website.Repetitive visits to your website serves as an important metrics to get positive ranks in the organic Search results.

Wind up:

There are enormous reasons to integrate SEO and social media in your digital marketing campaigns. Social media strongly affects SEO especially when it comes to rankings. These facts will be definitely useful to you.

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