Why SEO Friendly Website Design is very important?

Being a business owner is never an easy task, and when it comes to become visible online makes it even more difficult in this competitive era. As you are getting ready to re-design your old website or want a complete new website, you also wonder that what things that you should consider are. When you want to make or have a SEO Friendly web design. There are many small and big things that you can consider, but here are the essential things that you cannot avoid, when desiring for SEO friendly web design.

Website Should Be Responsive:

For small businesses mostly for them who are focusing on the local regions, possessing high ranking is very imperative when browsing on mobile. Do you want to know why? Let’s start with some facts, half of the searchers performing local search in mobile device usually visit the local store that is for the most part at a day’s distance. Another factor is that approximately 80% of the local search encourages the offline purchase. So, it is imperative to rule on mobile search, you need a mobile friendly website. So, being responsive in nature is the easiest and best way to aim at mobile device for local searches.

Website Should Represent Important Information in Text

Search engine and bots are now able to crawl and extract information from almost all types of media; still text is the best option, for optimizing a website the way you want. This is the fact that increases the boom of content marketing. This is why to be more SEO friendly you need to have a text on every page of your website. Nothing is better than something, if you don’t have a long content, at least try to include some description, let’s say around 150 word description is better. Include a text-based transcription is the better option when you are posting video or audio media on your website.

Website Should Have Optimized Image

Everyone use images on their site to make their content and look of website more interactive, as image describes things much better as user point of view. But when you are focusing on search engine optimization, then you have to use a relevant text, to optimize your images for better visibility. This allows you to get in notice for the used search term in Google image result. You can give your image a name instead of system generated name, to highlight keywords which are best for your business, and an SEO expert can tell you the importance of alternate text and do the image optimization for you.

Website should be Text-Based Navigation Oriented

Another rule in Google Webmaster is to develop a website with text links and clear hierarchy. There should be one static link to reach every single page of the website. The website link structure should be plan according to the organizations of business hierarchy. Based on the pages that you are adding on your website, helps you to make an effective navigation bar link on the most focused pages of your website, and make it less complicated with inclusion of many categories and subcategories.

Wind Up:

SEO Friendly website design are major focus on search engines, but it is not only for them, it helps you website to become more interactive for the users those are using your website on a mobile device. Hire SEO in Melbourne and be sure that all the possible ways and methods will be used to make your site mobile friendly and get more online exposure.