Guerrilla Marketing and Local SEO: Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed about Guerrilla marketing and its basic fundamental concepts. So, here we will discuss about those concepts in detail and know how our Local SEO can be optimized with the help of guerrilla marketing.

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How basic concepts can actually be integrated in Local SEO?

  • Be committed towards your marketing programme: Marketing is equal to be committed to someone. This means if you choose one marketing programme then stick to it instead of changing it frequently.Do you feel that your Local SEO strategy is lacking something? Do you feel that your Local SEO is not generating the required results? This can happen because Local SEO can be a slow process.Conventional marketing with robust commitment is much better than the magical marketing that lacks commitment. One can get proper results via marketing only if one is committed towards it. Same is the case with Local SEO.Make sure that your site is properly optimized. One must generate proper local exposure as well as links. Be committed to create your own reputation, one must also be committed to revising and refining the strategy, no matter what the circumstances are.One can prepare a proper plan, modify it, develop it and stay committed to it and then local marketing will follow. Make sure to have a proper plan of 12 months and then see Local SEO efforts delivering the required results.
  • Consider it as useful investment: We all have a fixed marketing budget. For businesses, marketing is an investment while for some it is an expense. But, marketing is something that is done for the betterment of business in the long run.Marketing and advertising don’t derive results quickly. SEO and local SEO are also the ones that deliver slow results. Local SEO is the investment made to boost the visibility of your online business.If one has stronger visibility, proper presentation and strong reputation then one’s business will definitely be well known in the market. Change your mindset and think marketing as a way to invest in things instead of considering it as an expense.
  • Be consistent with your marketing programme: Apart from commitment, consistency is also an important part of marketing. One must always be visible in local search and must maintain consistency in creating reviews.Keep your business name as well as logo consistent and also make sure you keep your address as well as phone number the same. These are some of the factors that lead to local SEO success thus allowing you to connect with actual clients.Maintain consistency in your emails as well as flyers used to get more store visits. Be consistent in every activity you carry out to boost your local SEO.
  • Make your clients feel confident: The main thing is to get ranked but how can one stand apart from this crowd along with getting proper ranks. The only thing that can help you to be different from your competitors is to make your clients feel confident. One can easily develop confidence with commitment and consistency.Your constant visibility among local search results can increase confidence among the clients.
  • Have enough patience to see the results: Every element of Guerrilla marketing is dependent on other. For instance, Confidence, consistency and investment are the main pillars however these are based on the very base of “Patience”.Local SEO results may be generated after a span of time. Let’s say six months or more to have good visibility. It takes time for users to know your brand and become familiar with it. Patience is the tool here.So, be patient to see the results once you have applied or used any of the local marketing campaigns.

Wind up:

Well, these are the first four basic concepts of Guerilla marketing that are discussed here in detail. More of these, we will discuss in our coming blogs. Till then, stay tuned with Platinum SEO, SEO Services in Melbourne.