Influence of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update on Internet

Recently, few days back Google announced a new mobile friendly algorithm known as Mobilegeddon which strongly focuses on mobile friendly websites. But, this new Google update has heavily affected the internet. Here’s how:

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Google’s Recent Announcement:

Starting with the first Announcement by Google on 26th February via its Webmaster Central blog; Google decided to change its recent search results a little bit with a view to boost its user experience.

The main aim was to make it easier for users to get high quality relevant search results which are optimized for various devices. Google hardly reveals its updates and without any previous announcement, updates just roll out and are put it into action but this time before actually announcing the mobile friendly algorithm, an announcement was made by Google and after three months, we can see several websites are actually being affected by the updates.

When Mobilegeddon came into effect?

Finally, on 21st April 2015 algorithmic changes came into effect and web pages started noticing changes from 22nd itself. Until this month, this update was not fully into effect but now you can see websites have started being affected by the same.

During the mean time i.e. from announcement till mobile algorithm came into effect, Google saw 4.7 percent increase in mobile friendly websites which can be considered as an overwhelming response. Some of the sites were hit very badly like the visibility reduced to an extent say for Reddit. Com ( -27%) , (-27%) and (-28%).

On the other hand, various websites have increased their visibility which is as follows:

  • Foreign (+771%)
  • (+67%)
  • (+32%)
  • (+21%)

Specific Notes:

So, how this has affected the overall internet? Some feel that their homepage is failing the Google’s SEO Mobile Friendly test when tested with Google’s mobile friendly tool and some are really shocked by seeing the sudden dropoff.

This means Google’s attempt to make internet completely mobile friendly has become a success as more and more website owners have now started making their websites mobile friendly. Also, a noteworthy point is to notice the fall of non mobile friendly sites.

Google loves to provide accurate results and hence it doesn’t like to shock its users by suddenly reducing their online visibility. The mobile friendly update runs on page to page basis. Hence, only those pages that are not mobile friendly get low rankings and the entire website is not affected.

Webpages that are mobile friendly are rewarded by Google and those that are not, for them Google provides various options to make them mobile friendly and meanwhile they are bumped by Google.

Complete Effect of this Update:

Full effect of this mobile algorithm is yet to be known but as more data flows in and case studies are analyzed, website owners and SEOs can get better read on the significance of this change.

Wind up:

Here, we can understand the effect of mobile friendly algorithm on various websites. Hence, with this blog post it is clear that now is the time to have a fully mobile friendly website in order to get top rankings.

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