What is More Result Oriented: Social Media or SEO?

At first, when SEO was new; most of the things were depended on back links that contained competitive keywords and it was preferred as the only way of getting website rankings in search engine page results.

With the arrival of Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird slowly things started changing. Talking about social media and SEO together is like having a debate as both are useful but which one should be adopted is the question.

For business having budget constraints, it is very tricky to choose any one from both and that’s why we decided to provide some information about the same. Many people get confused as to what they must include when it comes to internet marketing. It is becomes difficult to separate both but still one is to be preferred when it comes to choice.

So, let’s move ahead:

    • Old is Gold: Even today, onsite SEO is important as it was before 10 years. Website must be optimized to attract more audience on the internet. While developing online marketing strategy, website optimization strategy should be first step.Keyword research, grouping, meta tags and everything is still of huge importance when it comes to increase the traffic and grab the attention of the viewers on the internet.
    • Keywords are now used in phrase: Keywords are important yet it is more important to write keywords in a proper manner and must be related to the topic. Now, Google can easily understand the language differences as well as the sentence structure and so it accepts the keywords written in accordance with the content.This means separate keywords are now no longer used; keywords related to context are preferred the most.
    • Back links are still important: One of the important Google ranking factors is back links and so every online marketing firm must pay equal attention to this ranking factor. The change is applicable to the examination process carried out by Google for certain process. It has thus forced the content to be better.Social media marketing strategies are now usually combined with SEO techniques and this drives the influence among the search engines.
  • The combination of SEO and Social Media: Contents are developed in large quantity and that’s why now Google relies on Twitter to get the most informative content that can be indexed and ranked. This is really true while some people won’t believe but this is the fact.Buying likes can be possible but these tactics are easily caught by search engines. Google and other search engines join with these social search engines to get the valuable pages or information and index them.Any content having strong social media presence is liked to be displayed among top search results generated by search algorithms and in case the content is linked to other websites then those websites also get good position in search engine results.This means doing well on social media platforms is referred to good performance on search engines as well.

Wind up:

There’s no perfect conclusion as to which one is better for your business, the amalgamation of both social media as well as SEO is likely to generate desired results. No content is away from social media and no social media has the content that is not available on any website or blog. So, it is the time to charge your digital marketing strategy with this approach where social and SEO are interdependent.

Hope this post will be useful in framing digital marketing strategies. To get a deeper insight about the same, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, internet marketing company Melbourne.