Why not Give Up on SEO? – A Critique of SEO’s Future Standing

SEO has been accepted as one of the most widely-used internet marketing strategies by many online marketers. Not only it boosts your online presence but also increases your visibility in Google’s search ranking, which provides immense leverage in a highly competitive online marketing world. However, SEO has been a topic of criticism by many in terms of its effectiveness and future standing.

Why not Give Up on SEO?

That’s all great to know – but how do you go about finding ways to get the best out of your SEO strategies that are best suited to your goals? Here is a guide to understanding why not to give up on SEO and how it will always be your biggest helper as a marketing expert!

Google often releases new ways to rank

Keeping up to date with Google’s releases on alternative ways to rank, which gets publicised often, is essential to maintain a strong online presence and visibility. Usually, SEO seems complicated for beginner marketers, even in some cases for the experts, but there are some points to keep in mind which might be helpful while deciding on your SEO campaign goals.

  • Cost-effectiveness – accessing customer data and tools to match customer needs for a reasonable price
  • Keyword visibility – considering the number of keywords and how they affect the search traffic
  • Conversion rate – which means the number of desired actions by customers such as visiting your website or filling out your form
  • Time – SEO’s success does not happen overnight and it needs time and regular updates on blogs and keywords
  • Mobile-friendly – having a fully mobile-friendly website allows you to access a wider customer database

Link quantity or content quality – biggest dilemma of an SEO expert

Usually, the biggest dilemma between the ones devaluing SEO and SEO enthusiasts is the use of links as a marketing tool. The ones that give up on SEO believes that the use of links as an SEO tool disregards the quality of website content.

They have a point considering cases such as black hat SEO, which means the aggressive use of SEO strategies by only focusing on search engine results page (SERP) without following search engine guidelines. Nevertheless, SEO strategies cannot be summed up by methods like the black hat and its long-lasting benefits such as increased website traffic and high-quality customer database should be considered as substantial benefits for your company’s future.

Final thoughts on SEO’s future standing

As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind when considering an SEO campaign’s success and effectiveness. That is why it is always best to keep in mind online marketing companies like Platinum SEO, that is experienced in providing strategical SEO services, are here to help you. As Platinum SEO, with years of experience in all areas of Search Engine Optimization, we ensure that you achieve all of your long-term digital marketing goals!