Melbourne SEO services find out if SEO is Simply a Good UX?


What do you do when you look for something online?

Do you open Google, type a word or phrase, and then go to the first link that appears on the page? Probably yes, this is what most of the users do.

But ever wondered, is the first link of result page always relevant to your search?

Do you ask questions to your phone and hope it to come up with the right answer? Maybe!

Do you take reference of friends from the Facebook? We are sure that every answer you get is pure gold.

The fact is that there is no best search channel as such. All such solution serves different purposes at different times and place. How you search a particular thing really matters as you are interested in results only. It is in best interest of Google to deliver best results.

Apple depends solely on Siri to get what she needs and Zuck depends on Facebook as he spends most of his time there. So he would prefer to get search results supplied every time in his Facebook page itself.

However, the real question is that are all these things delivered every time. The answer is NO as this thing is getting better day by day. What do you think about it?

Look at Google’s Penguins, Panda and Hummingbirds- Over the past few years, Google has been overhauling and redefining its algorithms of Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird with an aim to improve the search results. However, it was not about coming up with better keyword results. Google just needs to ensure that you are satisfied with what you are delivered.

All these sites have content that is relevant to your search criteria. Google is factoring all the things that it knows about and makes your search result display past search history, browsing habit, favorite color, connections and more. The site loads quickly and is easily navigable. Google can determine if a site is quick for loading with clean code and delivering simple and effective interface for navigation. Many useful tools are offered by Google to test the speed of site.

Some sites function effectively on all devices after testing mobile friendliness. Google wants to ensure that the list works on all mobile devices, desktop, TV, glasses, etc.

UX is the new SEO

All updates have one thing in common i.e. UX. This is nothing but user experience that we are talking about. What is the experience of users using a website and does it get the desired results?  SEO is not about keywords or Meta tags or content only. These things play a small part, and it is more about user experience. Optimizing your site for search engine lays emphasis on user experience.

Does your site contain content to get targeted audience? Does it load quickly and is easy to use on all devices?

UX is not just about users and its value loop in three parts:

  • The person using site perceives its value to them.
  • Perception is validated through use. The proof equals trust and it related to its use or purchase.
  • When both things happen, the value comes back to business or creator concerning increased market share, loyalty, money sav ed or made.

The experts providing the Melbourne SEO services do the smart thinking and target the audience. The Platinum SEO gives a complete support.