Google Search Ranking SEO Case Study: How Long Does It Take to Rank for A Keyword

When it comes to finding the correct information or services, Google is the god for everything. People use the search engine every day and get their fundamental doubts resolved. In this age of digitalization, the use of Google and the effectiveness alongside the need has increased tremendously. The competition has shifted every company to Google by introducing their pages on the internet, and they try to be the number one searched page for visibility and reach. Every business tries to get into the SEO domain, and the question of how long it will take for them to get ranked remains the most asked and confusing one to date.

Back in the 2000s, it was pretty easy to get ranked on Google! But nowadays it needs a lot of time and effort.

Google Updates from 2000 to 2010

What does it mean to get ranked?

The business has turned its face towards search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This is the usage of specific keywords and the way they form the website, which will be visible to a larger audience, and they can find the services they are looking for more easily.

SEO has been a common term in digital marketing, and almost everyone is undertaking SEO for their web pages. Google is undisputed when it comes to the best-ranked search engines globally, and nearly 92% of our population avails information through Google. Being ranked on the top in this search engine is essential, and it will give you the reach you never expected and can boost your page excessively.

If you are the top-ranked page in Google, 71.33% of organic clicks will be in your page’s name, and you will get 67.6% of all clicks registered together to your page. People will find your website to be more accessible and easy to reach than anyone else’s, and thus the ranking will be a boon.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

There is no direct answer to it as Google never reveals how their search engine works, but if you look up at the records of the pages registered back in the 2000s, the ranking was relatively easy. You will need to add the keywords in your URL, title, and body, and you will be ranked and appear in no time. This was because the internet wasn’t too widely used back then, and the competition wasn’t as excessive and dangerous as it is right now.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

Two and a half years back, if you tried to rank your page on Google, you can see the result within six months of the launch. But this has changed drastically, and now it can take up to one whole year for you to get ranked because of the plethora of services and pages coming into play and getting established. If you have a brand-related query or any links to big brands, you will appear first because of the searches through that brand.

Google has been continuously upgrading and changing its algorithm at 8.9 changes per day which is a lot and makes getting ranked more challenging and sophisticated. A majority of pages don’t get ranked in the top 10 within the first year as well as the competition is relatively high, and the ones that do make it to the top are either very lucky or have got the services better than the others. It takes patience and a lot of work to climb up that top since Google is a challenging space to compete at.

What affects the ranking of websites?

There are over 200+ factors that directly affect the ranking of the pages. Some of the significant contributors which if worked upon can improve your rank significantly are:

  • User Metrics

The higher the brand queries, the more attracted customers are to your page. If there are enough user viewers on your website and even if they are jumping from one page to another, it will boost and improve your rank. The total traffic also plays a significant factor in the increase of level. The more people visiting you, the more accessible and engaging your page will look, and this will improve your user metrics significantly.

  • Links

The links on your websites should be legitimate and original because spam links will result in people not trusting your page and never visiting. This can cause significant impact and damage to your ranking. Also, Google is a search engine that can detect when a link is original and not.

  • Design

The design of your website should be appealing and up to mark so that the ads which come there don’t take up a lot of space and you have enough content so that the people can get attracted. This will make your website appear on the top and increase your rank because of its accessibility and effectiveness.

imrpove ranking

There are many ways to improve and increase your ranking but waiting and being persistent is what will eventually improve it. It will take time, but it will happen.