Search Engine Optimization is not Only About Google

According to experts of SEO, Melbourne – Search Engine Optimization is not only about Google. It may be right or wrong but this is what we, mean and you need to stick to it. It is common to notice that for SEO you invest all your time and energy in one search engine to generate traffic that does not fully rely on Google.
We are going to look at the landscape for showing its way.


Fast growing search engine

After few months of in – depth meaning, Google has released details of four paid ads. With this, Google is setting itself in a good position and is controlling about 80% of results above the fold. Such a scenario raises many questions. However, the main concern is what effect it will have on organic results. There is lurking potential in the search engines like Bing, and nothing can be added to it over old ground. Step from the current SEO trend can be taken, and focus is on a fast-growing search engine like Bing and MSN.

How to be in the top rank

Increase in numbers of direct queries in the past month of about 22% in the total traffic. This sets up a lucrative difference between CTR in the top results compared to Google and other search engines. The experts reveal that SEO should concentrate more on other things and not just sophisticated algorithms of Google. SEO is a time tracking for delving into the exciting world of guerrilla marketing, and it drives growth-marketing tactics of the company.

The most sweeping change in SEO recently is the scorching earth policy of social media traffic. What do Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have in common? All of these social networking sites drive a large amount of traffic, and it is out of reach of Google.

Facebook is a social media network that leads outgoing traffic. According to the traffic stats, Facebook sent more than 3.5 billion visits to other sites and over 1.5 billion visits more than Twitter.

Be knowledgeable

However, it would be foolish to quit Google entirely and focus in social media baskets only. Many other sites should have its portion in your SEO efforts. Time is changing in SEO, and all the things are showing that social media is becoming the new Google. It may be misunderstood as repetition of SEO, or Google mistakes may lead to neglecting diversification.

SEO Melbourne suggests you select your tactics carefully so that you can attack different sources of traffic. If you have any questions, reach for the Platinum SEO services.