Video making process for start ups

We all know that videos are now becoming more popular when it comes to online marketing. But is anyone aware about the perfect process of creating business oriented videos? Video marketing is going to rule digital marketing in recent years.

Small business videos help B2B and B2C start-ups to initiate their viral marketing. Videos play an important role in delivering a strong message with an emotional story. Apart from this, it also helps in enhancing SEO.

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In case your videos are rich in keywords and have a SEO optimized title then these can be easily found by Google. Videos can be easily embedded in any website as well as shared on social media. A small 2 minute video can make it easy for your customers to easily understand your product.

Video testimonials from your clients are also helpful to develop greater trust as well as authority for future customers. Video tutorials can be useful to get maximum customers on board. Also, once a video is used along with social media then it can achieve astonishing results.

One viral video can draw the attention of innumerable customers towards your website. Based on content, one can get innumerable ideas but on the other hand one lacks the expertise in making at eye catching videos.

It is very difficult to find a great video maker who can provide you services at affordable rates and so here are some tips that will help you to sort out this problem.

Process of making effective Videos:

  • Detailed requirement for the video to be made.
  • Create an initial draft for the video maker.
  • A service agreement is to be signed by both the parties.
  • 50% advance payment is to be given to the video maker before starting the video making process.
  • Then the first version of the video is submitted
  • Once the first version is submitted then video maker completes and submits the final video.

What things a video maker will ask you?

  • Whether you have any reference video in mind
  • Do you wish to do live shooting of any video or any animation video or the combination of both?
  • Duration of the video
  • In case of shoot video, are any models are needed or voice over artists are required or not or are these arranged by you?

What is added to the cost?

Video consists of many elements that showcase the quality of work and so the prices vary as per the quality. One video on the same concept can be made for Rs.20, 000 up to 2 lakhs. Other additions like as Light, sound, camera add extra cost.

A normal video of upto 60 – 90 seconds with normal quality developed by a fresher will cost atleast Rs.15, 000.

A simple video of upto Rs 35000 will have less quality as compared to that of a video costing Rs.1, 00, 000.

So, before actually hiring a video maker make sure to check their previous work and check whether they have made any similar videos as per the ones you are willing to get created. Compare the work of a few video makers and then reach to a conclusion.

How to Reach Video Makers?

One can easily reach to the video makers via Quikr as well as OLX. Marketplaces like Stagephod can also help you to reach these video makers. Try to expand your network as much as you can, one can also get in touch with these video makers by Facebook or other social networking sites.

Wind up:

Get started today! Post your requirements on various marketplaces and you will get enormous options to choose from. Definitely you will find the one who can help you to get your video prepared in your decided budget.

Marketplaces offer you several tools to compare the work as well as manage the project systematically. So, now think of any amazing concept and get the video prepared.

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