Little Known Tweaks that make a Huge Difference in your Website SEO

Just like tiny touch can help you create an ultimate dish, there are certain less known SEO tips and website tweaks can have a significant impact on your website SEO and also in search engine results. SEO is a complex topic for most people and has been a massive subject of research over the last few years. However, the truth is that there are certain important tweaks in SEO that can help your website to rank well and significantly impact its rankings.

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How Search engine ranks your website?

Google ranks website mainly by considering two key things: Relevancy and Authority. How relevant are your website for end user and search engine in terms of search terms and how popular or authoritative is your website i.e. how much ranking or popularity of your website is on the internet. Authority is far difficult compared to relevancy. Increasing your website authority requires using Melbourne SEO services that can help lay the right action plan to make a difference in your search engine rankings.

Little known ingredients

Below are some of the key tips that can help your website and improve its search engine rankings.

Remove duplicate content- Having repetitive or duplicate content can impact your rankings. Search engines hate duplicate content as it produces poor user experience. In certain cases, having duplicate copyright infringement can even cause the removal of your website content in any search results.  You can take assistance from Google webmasters tools to eliminate duplicate content for testing your website.

Get local – Search engines pay a lot of attention in providing localized search results to the users. Imagine yourself as a user and you want to search for a specific information then it would be quite useful if you get local information in search results. Getting local is vital for your business so if you are providing any specific service then you must focus on capturing local customers by tweaking your website or content to contain localized information so that it can appear in localized search results.

Importance of internal linking – It is a little-known fact that internal linking can be a powerful way to improve your website authority and helps to improve your website ranking. External links can improve both authority and relevancy but internal linking between pages can improve your overall SEO value of all pages. Internal linking helps strategically raise your webpage authority due to the movement to other pages. In order to improve this, you need to identify which pages you want to improve internal linking.

Optimize images – Images on your website are key elements that must be optimized with the help of providing image names, Alt tags etc. You must optimize your image so it can be visible in the potential image results.

Search engine optimization is a complicated term but there are certain little-known factors that can make a big impact on your website rankings. You will be surprised to know that not many websites are taking advantage of these factors and it is vital to start improving your website SEO. if you want to take further Melbourne SEO assistance then you take services from Platinum SEO services that can guide you into complete details and provided end-to-end SEO services.