The Latest Mobile App Development Trends in Recent Years of Technology

There is a continuous evolving in the industry of mobile app development. In past few years everyone has noticed a remarkable growth in the mobile app industry which is developing from smartphones to tablets to wearable gadgets. A focus on app marketing and mobile app analytics has also increased. Now as the year is on verge of changing to 2016, here are few mobile application development trends to expect.

The Latest Mobile App Development Trends:

  1. Rapid Mobile App Development: Business owners are facing issues in meeting the rising demands of mobile application development Because of the demand, there is faster launching of mobile product is expecting by the businesses. The main aim for app development in the coming years in reducing the development lifecycles and lessen the time required during the ideation and launching of the original product.

  2. Mobile Development with App Security: There is much news and incidents come into light in past few years. There is a report according to which around 75% of the mobile apps were fail at some point when it comes to basic security test. Security of the mobile devices is still the most focused issues, so it is imperative for the developers to stay focused on mobile app security issue while developing mobile device.

  3. Cloud Driven Mobile Development: In the recent years, apps development is strongly backed up by the cloud technology. As the usage of mobile devices and multiple wearable techs is rising, the app developers are diverting their focus on syncing and integrating the mobile apps with multiple devices. This new approach will enable the developers to create an awesome apps which can be easily utilized on various mobile devices with same data, features and functions.

  4. Mobile Development for Wearable Tech: Technology of wearable gadget is among the trendiest subject in electronics industry and the credit goes to Apple. Initially the wearable tech gadgets are created by focusing on healthcare and fitness industry. But as the time evolves the devices are now is utilizing for efficiency and productivity by the business organizations. This advancement encourages app developers to get more focus on wearable tech gadgets for various industries in upcoming years.

  5. Mobile Development focusing on User Experience: With the introduction of large numbers of tablets, smartphones and wearable devices, the application user experience is far more significant than earlier before. Attaining user experience is very much challenging to keep in focus the factors like mobile purchasing and in-app advertising.

  6. App Development for Mobile Payments and M-Commerce: As per a report on eMarketer, it is stated in the previous year approximate 19% of the e-commerce sale is made by using mobile devices, and this is going to get increased as more individuals find it very adaptive to do shopping on m-commerce. With the application like Google Wallet and Apple Pay the users are getting more comfortable to shop online instead of using the debit and credit cards for shopping. This need Is going to be the base for app developers to develop more apps with the functionality of mobile transaction.

Wind Up:

Along with all these parameters and areas for mobile application development there are some more areas which includes app marketing, In- App Advertising and Purchasing, Big Data and App Analytics, enterprise apps and more. As the leading app developers for Mobile app development Melbourne, we have expert, trained and skilled developers, testers and marketer for complete solution.