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At the starting of the year 2016, major search engine Google declared that they are starting the newest trend to show paid advertisements within the local search pack results to provide the best local SEO services. Since the pronouncement has made there was no mention of the possible changes and the effect on the search marketing from organic and paid perspective.

With this article you will get an insight into the effect on search marketing and what should advertisers do take full advantage of this innovative step.

  • What are local pack ads?

Initially, Google has not released any information regarding the position of paid ads in the local pack but speculations are consistent about what type of ads will take when it will officially release. The preliminary image from SMX while blurred shows the three results in the local pack where one was a paid advertisement. Google has not yet given a commencing date for the ads it emerges that the ads are by now starting to show within consequences as part of Google’s continuing testing.

In compare to the primary speculation that the paid ads will swap the local pack ads but the screen shot from earlier June month evidently demonstrates one paid ad over three organic results. However, because of lack of comment that how this will influence the local results you will notice lots of assumptions as to how it will persuade local search marketing from an organic and paid perspective.

  • As per the perspective of the best local SEO services:

According to the SEO executives, this is indeed a big step to get the initial results in the local pack as paid ads, as the local pack is likely to result driven and the notion of initiating paid search into this transforms the dynamic considerably. While it seems bad impact on an organic listing, but it will preserve the present three-pack with one paid than the two-pack with one paid which was at first presumed. Google has been trying to maintain its trend by creating as much advertisement space as possible; definitely giving away every organic visibility to pay to make SEO more viable and significant to have it at the vanguard of consumer’s digital approach.

According to a paid advertiser, it is yet another leap from Google to ensure that almost every business will require a paid strategy to get successful results. Undoubtedly, this is a test and until it acknowledges the complete extent to which the advertisements will be executed it is reasonably difficult to comment on the impact on paid strategies.

  • Ways to take complete advantage of this change:

Google has not yet released anything formally in order to explain that how advertisers will take benefits from the new local pack ads. According to the specialists, it can be envisaged that the advertisements will employ an amalgamation of the keywords aiming in the account with the Google My Business information that is associated with the AdWords account. It is an excellent reminder to ensure that your company’s local pages are not only advanced but also connected with your AdWords account. Presently it is not clear whether the local advertisements will have an exclusive bid option compare to normal search, it can be presumed that it will drop into the mobile bid tuning.

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