5 Important Things About SEO

If we talk about SEO field then every time we can see it has constant updates. Talking about Google search algorithm changes, it gets updated nearly 500 -600 times per year. Even though there are some minor changes, major updates in certain algorithms like Panda and Penguin have powerful impact on website rankings.

A new version of Pigeon search algorithm was rolled out by Google, few days back. It’s an update that changes local search results and also the way search engines depict the information. It has more intuitive search process. It has a huge impact on commercial businesses that don’t reveal a perfect location and as a result, their rankings lower down.

Looking back at SEO, we can see how much it has changed and how some of these techniques are unrecognizable to the marketers of digital landscape. Now days, many SEO techniques have been developed and so here we have listed some of those or we can say top five among these techniques.

Five Important SEO things:

  1. Purchasing links: There were SEO days when links were purchased for particular pages like Page no.3, 4, and so on. But alas! Now, Google has ended that practice of buying links and now no one can follow that and this was brought to an end with the help of “ Penguin” Algorithm.Now, such black hat techniques are outdated, they won’t work again. Today’s is the world of creative SEO where new ideas are to be considered and various campaigns are to be launched.
  2. Adding unnecessary keywords: When Google was new to people, during those old SEO days, people used maximum keywords to attract viewers and keyword stuffing was at its peak. Later, when Google decided to stop such unethical SEO practices till that time many businesses had taken good advantage of keyword stuffing and with this technique they used to get anything and everything.So, now it’s completely banned. Only content that is actually useful to the readers is to be published and now webmasters need to create the content keeping in mind the user and not the business marketing.
  3. Perfect Domains: Adding keyword as a website domain name was one of the easy ways to get more exposure. Let’s say if you sell machinery then selling machinery is one word that must be used in domains. Everything your business is all about, it must be added to the domain.Till the time Google launched exact match domain penalty for those who used such domain matches in order to avoid manipulation of algorithms via black hat SEO Services. So, now in today’s time, it is necessary to have a brand which actually has some value.
  4. Easy SEO: In olden days i.e. at the starting phase of this internet world; SEO seemed to be damn easy than it is now. Today, it has become a hard nut to crack because Google guidelines have become tough.Today, SEO means developing strong brand presence on the internet which can lead to natural success that delivers perfect message to the customers and encourage people to share amazing content.Gone are those days when SEO was just a game of money consisting of buying links and seeing increase in rankings. Now, the definition of SEO has completely changed, it has become the matter of creativity and naturalness.
  5. Low Budget: If we consider all of the above given factors while framing a powerful well oriented SEO strategy then the cost may be outside the budget. So, an important way is to outsource the content and get good bunch of PR links. On the other hand, if you are developing industry oriented content and organic success is very near.However, there’s a dire need of right appropriate human resource to perfectly execute the task.

Wind up:

With these factors, we can see that even though SEO is changing; it’s quite useful and it helps businesses to develop useful intuitive user experience. Therefore; to meet the changing demands it’s necessary to get benefit of advanced SEO techniques and to know more about these; well known SEO companies in Melbourne like Platinum SEO are always ready to help you out at any part of SEO.