Divide your Marketing budget between SEO and PPC

When you go for any online marketing technique, what you think most often is the marketing budget. Today, in this blog post; we will discuss how to properly divide your marketing budget between SEO and PPC.

SEO techniques is slow but results are for sure and PPC on the other side is quick in getting more customers. So, what to choose? PPC works till the time to spend money, the day you stopped investing money, it will stop working.


For start ups, this can be sometimes very difficult question as to which technique to choose to boost the online visibility. So, before actually deciding what is best and where to invest for maximum results, let’s take a look at some key points:

Key points to be considered before deciding between SEO and PPC:

    1. Know your industry: Whether to go for SEO or PPC can be decided once you know properly about industry, competition as well as the marketing budget. If you from a well known industry then SEO is most useful for you and hence there’s no need of PPC.On other side, if you entering into a mature market then it is advisable to divide the budget between SEO and PPC. The reason; PPC advertising helps to get more traffic to the website and it is one of the best ways to know about the best performing keywords.
    2. Know your brand and Audience: Not necessary that SEO and PPC are suitable to every website. If your website is associated with some search that people don’t search on the internet then SEO is not useful to you.Similarly, if your product has low margins then PPC may not work for you. So, before actually choosing among SEO and PPC, make sure you have answers to these questions:
      • Does your website have some traffic?
      • Does it contain some authoritative content strategy?
      • Do you have any creative product or service?

Once you have properly understood your brand and audience then it becomes easy for you to create effective content strategies. During the initial stages of business, it is advisable to use PPC as you can measure the results quickly while SEO results are measured after a span of time.

  1. Have doubt, use PPC: Beginners are not much aware as to which keywords will help them to get maximum ROI. So, when you are unsure, start with PPC and run the campaign with small budget and few keywords.This will make you aware about some top performing keywords which will further be used to optimize the website. In particular, if you are from B2B market then PPC cost can go high and hence during those times, SEO can serve the purpose.
  2. Always use Remarketing: One of the best ways to get more customers is to make most use of remarketing. Based on your industry, you may need to do certain marketing campaigns to force customers to shell out money from their pocket.Let’s say if you are dealing with after sales service then it is advisable to contact customers at certain fixed period of time say after three months or six months. Another best way to use remarketing is to make more use of email marketing.

Wind up:

Platinum SEO, Professional SEO Melbourne advices beginners to start with a PPC Campaign, use keywords to create a perfect SEO strategy, include some part of monthly marketing budget for offline SEO.

Organize a result oriented PPC Campaign and start attracting customers from day one. Slowly as your site moves up, you will start getting more organic rankings and then with time; you can also start increasing your marketing budget.

And last but not the least; make most use of remarketing to bring past customers which will increase conversions thus leading to repetitive purchases.