The Facebook Future With The SEO Service Melbourne In 2016!!

Among the changes were that Facebook now pays attention to “time spent” in addition to just sharing behavior, it has become an important part of SEO.

In July, online broadcast media Facebook tweaked their algorithm for prioritizing posts of family and friends in Newsfeed at the expense of the publishers. The algorithm was updated later to penalize clickbait headlines. All these changes were meant for improving user experience and sign return to espoused core values of FB, but it threatens place of businesses and advertisers on the social media platform. In this post, SEO Service Melbourne discusses the state of Facebook in this year and discusses future of the platform.

The strategy formed proved to be unsuccessful as media companies’ pages saw average reach per post sinking. It dropped by 42% in May compared with January. Most publishers are focused on writing posts when people do not want to read on social sites like Fb and want to watch videos instead. People are not really bothered to read or write posts and would rather create a video or share images. The Facebook lives have made it possible for people to create posts with the little thought and people seem to like and share it the most.

Cracking Facebook SEO - Optimization Tips That Win Higher Page Rankings

Videos and domain links are most liked due to SEO as it uses the most. SEO Service Melbourne is trying to push their content money sites through domain links in addition to the growing trend of video posts. Some people predict that Facebook news feeds will become all video probably in the next five years. There is no doubt that there has been a decline in engagement among some very big sites. The rankings show engagement with the website content in a given period and it does not include engagement on native video or images.

Now you are more likely to see auto-playing native video rather than a story from a website. Despite of this, there has been a slowdown in engagement with links and content for a broad range of sites. This leads to decline in monthly totals recorded in the rankings.

We noticed the below points:

  • Despite decline in interactions on owned content, the Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed retain its position at the top.
  • News sites like the Guardian and NBC improved their rank during April.
  • There has been strong growth in engagement for Indian sites.
  • With more focus on videos on fb, engagement for top publisher declines.
  • User interaction with non-video content has noticed a sharp fall.

Over the past few years, Facebook has set its goal to become more of a platform for videos. A number of media companies are trying to produce a live video to promote its streaming feature. Non-video content produced by some leading publishers is getting less interaction. There has been a short decline in the engagement of all kinds. The most dominant form of interaction – Likes, had dropped by about 55% between July and April of this year. Sharing activity has declined sharply by 57% and comments fell by 64%.

The engagement for non-video content is declining deliberately or promoting more videos may squeeze out on other forms of content. No matter what is the cause, the impact of promoting the video and paying media companies to produce is obvious. SEO Service Melbourne revealed that any news network has the same number of posts, but had 10 times more videos and engagements. Among all the changes, Facebook is paying attention to the time spent on article apart from sharing behavior only.

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