SEO Necessity not Optional


When it comes to marketing, SEO is considered the “Holy Grail” of technology. It’s used by millions of individuals and businesses the world over. Compare your other alternative. There is the “pay-by-click” avenue. This only brings limited results. Your results only come from “paid efforts.” In the world of business and marketing, does this make sense?

If you think about it, not really. You want your clients and business to come free-of-charge. You want people to navigate naturally to your website and business. This is what Search Engine Optimization can do for you. Search Engine Optimization can take your game to the next level.


The stats show that over 90% of all future clients make their way to a business through some sort of search engine optimization request. Who are the top SEO packages being offered right now.

  1. Google–They have controlling interest in over 70% of the search engine world.
  2. Bing/Yahoo–They are trying to gain an upwards hand with 15% and 10% respectively.
  3. Ask–They come in at just over 5%.

In this day and age, phone books are dead. If you are not using a search engine, you will not be able to compete in today’s market. You also can’t compete if your site is not running at an optimum level.

You can’t just establish a website and let it go, hoping for the best. A website is like a small child. You need to nurture it, allowing it to grow. It needs to grow into something you can be proud of. Which is why you have to put in the effort. If you don’t, you’re lost before you have begun.


More then half only stay on the first page of the Google results. About 28% only go up to the next two pages. After the third page or so, you will lose the person. This is why you need SEO packages. The SEO packages will direct you accordingly.

It comes down to the keyword search. More people are in the habit of using two or three words in a search. They figure if they can’t find it with just two or three words, it’s not there. Make this work in your favor.


Why is SEO needed? It comes down to the design of your site. The way you design your site says a lot about you and your company. The verbiage is a big thing. Too many words will turn the person off.

These days people want simplicity. Most don’t want to read a garbled mess. People don’t read books anymore. They rely on images to get there. They want a few short words to describe what you are offering. Make it pop. Make it bigger and better then the others. You need to be presenting something the others don’t have.

The above packages that I mentioned are some good ones that people use worldwide. If, however, you live specifically in Melbourne, Australia, there are a few select ones just for you.

Let’s take a look at some nice packages from SEO company Melbourne.


There are several platinum deals being offered by SEO company in Melbourne. However, only three really stand out.

  1. Gold- Free to setup. Comes with detailed reports. You get a limit of 5 keywords in a search. The links for article submission and direct linking are 50 per month.
  2. Silver- Same as above. The links are up to 100 per month.
  3. Platinum- Same as above. The links are 200 per month.


You need this for your business and for yourself, if you wish to compete successfully in today’s world. The old ways of doing things are now done and gone. It’s a new world. Make Search Optimization a part of it.