SEO Company Sydney: How to Filter Spam Referral Traffic to Your Site

Many people wonder how to filter their spam referral traffic to their site. Google has now started filtering them out. When you give a presentation to see Google Analytics Solution and search for spam or block bots or something similar. Many resources are available for people and SEO Company Sydney can help them to get startedLeading SEO Service Company In Abu Dhabi Ensuring Increased Ranking and  Revenues | Pentagon SEO Abu DhabiHowever, the question is very big, and it has many parts.

•   Bots are not wrong and are just drawn that way

Not all bots are bad, and many would search to make the world go round. Many bots belong to companies like screaming frog, deep crawl, etc. They are respectful to site they crawl and are not dangerous for the visitors. The people you want to block are the ones who hijack your traffic, find loopholes in CMS for exploiting hack and scraping your content from nefarious purpose. Based on the type of industry you are in, the forms of boot traffic may be worse than others. However, apart from bots, many referral sources send traffic to destroy your data.

•   Filter analytics traffic properly

SEO Company Sydney suggests people be aware of what has been taken out of your data set. For better understanding, you may compare. You may create a separate analytics and name it like bot traffic filtered. Click on admin and create a new view. On the next screen, set your time zone and put Google default to Pacific Time. Create a new view in Google Analytics.

•   Block bots in analytics

Google gives an easy button for blocking the known bots. It takes out about 75- 80% work compared to manual work and is updated as Google finds new bots. For the new view, select a view-setting option and click the checkbox to exclude all hits from bots and spiders.

•   How to filter bots in Google Analytics

You can get traffic by turning on the bot filters. Ensure that none of your source of traffic is in the Google’s list of bots and prepare other people to view analytics for change if and when you decide to roll it out in the profile. To roll it out in the main profile, help yourself and add an annotation that explains changes. For adding any annotation, click on the arrow under analytics chart in the Google Analytics and follow the procedure.

•   Manually add spam referrers

No matter how Google’s bot filtering system works, the referrers should send high volumes of low or no quality traffic to your site. Open referrer report in Google Analytics, sort data in descending order according to the bounce rate and bring 100% bounce rate. Filter the data using advanced filters to show few sessions over a period.

The effect of blocking bad bot traffic is two-fold on the server. It reduces the load on the server and takes visits out of Analytics as traffic never resolves your website. SEO Company Sydney reveals that both bots and referrers are different, but they have the same effect in slowing your server and muddying your analytics data.

Block your IP address or top-level domain depending on the blocking solution you choose. Get more ideas to filter the spam by reaching the Platinum SEO