New SERP Changes Rolling Out From SEO Adelaide

It is always beneficial to stay ahead of Google when SEO is concerned. If you can predict Google, it means that you can offer a proactive approach instead of reactive.

SEO Adelaide reveals that many changes form a part of Google’s A/B tests, and others rolled out in selected geographical region. Such changes affect Google images, online shopping, knowledge graph, Google news, and apps.SEO AdelaideHere we are going to reveal how this may affect your digital marketing plan.

  • Hard to spot PPC ads

Google keeps experimenting with colors of ad label for PPC ads. It has sometimes been seen over last few weeks. The color that Google has been testing with is green. It is the same shade of green that Google uses in URL if paid and organic results. Such things are big camouflage factor and are difficult to be identified as an ad. Now is a part of A/B testing and can become a permanent feature if it seems to be profitable. It may not be distinguished from the organic SERPs to creates bigger revenue. If Google goes ahead with the plan, it may increase clicks through ad rates and attract traffic without commercial intent for broad and ambiguous heads.

  • More images above the fold

Google shows tab instead of thumbnails at the top of image results and allows users to have search results in tune. It is less appealing visually, and new tabs are space efficiently. No filtering options can be seen horizontally across the search engines to meet actual images above the fold, as tabs do not need space. SEO Adelaide reveals that Google does not have thumbnails on mobile phones as it shows links to a text message. The more versatile us tabs appear on both mobile and desktop devices. Google is trailing some features before rolling it across the international family of domains. It had earlier tested changes in algorithmic like Google Pigeon in some countries before introducing it.

  • Product specification in the SERPs

Product info graph is a kind of knowledge graph that pulls information from Google shopping instead of Wikipedia. Just like knowledge graph, product info graph appears on right side of the desktop page, and availing space was not littered with PPC ads. It seemed on top of search page. If this is rolled out on a large scale, the Google users won’t be able to do product research without checking the web pages.

Google will give all information and user reviews from SERPs before funneling it into Google shopping for placing an order. This change is focusing more on Search vertical. If all the changes are implemented, Google will become an essential extensive to paid advertising aim. Google wedged exciting features into shopping results. The nearby widget can be seen in the US SERPs on mobile, and it does not appear for search queries. It may not get replicated in the UK SERPS.

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