How SEO Company in Melbourne Helps You in Website Relaunching

Every business comes to a situation where they feel like redesigning their website. Therefore, they must be careful to hire SEO Company in Melbourne that will create strategies so that your website rankings do not get hurt. So consult the SEO services that will protect your website rankings and controls your website traffic. Their strategies will help in showing the right way of relaunching website and what things to avoid.

While redesigning the website, lots of things should be considered that would give the same rankings as the old website.

Boost Website Traffic

Following are the few important steps considered by the SEO Company in Melbourne expert during redesigning the website:

Steps for redesigning the website for SEO

  • Avoid Putting Down your Website: Until you get a new design for your website, avoid putting down your website. It has been commonly observed that the website that turn down their website with a display message of ‘under maintenance’ let their traffic stop visiting the website.Therefore, it is always important that until your new website is ready, keep maintaining your old website.
  • Performing Inbounding Link Analysis: While redesigning the website, it is important that you need to perform detailed link analysis. Sometimes, during the website redesign process, changing the links pulls down the website rankings that affect the traffic.Identify the various links that direct to your website and the source from where they are coming from.
  • Indentify Strong Website Pages: While redesigning make sure to identify the list of website pages that are mostly visited by the users. You need to present those Web Pages strongly without affecting the quality. Ignoring the quality will affect the website performance.
  • Redirecting Old URL’s To New: Inbound links are important factors to consider that have an impact on your website rankings in the search engine. If you are changing the URL of the website while redesigning then it is important that you redirect the old URL to the new URL. This is an important thing to consider as a user when clicks the URL will get an error message.During redesigning the website, put a 301 redirect to your website that will forward the traffic from old URL to the new URL.
  • Putting Quality Contents in Webpage: Search engine always gives priorities to the websites having quality contents. Always put your best contents on the website and avoid duplicity of the contents as this will hamper your website rankings.The common way which causes duplicity is when you copy actual page content to other website page.
  • Use Important Keyword and Phrase: Identify the right keyword and phrase for your website to implement in your website design. Find the potential keyword from your old website to be used on the new website to keep your traffic accommodated in your website.
  • Website Testing: After launching your website, you don’t want it to display any error. Therefore, make sure that the quality analysis team test it on the server to make sure the website does not get crashed on relaunching.

Wind Up

Whenever you plan relaunching your website then don’t forget to get the services from SEO professionals who will show the best way of taking care of your website rankings.