Amalgamation of Social Media with Your Website

Social networking sites are included in every form of marketing campaigns and it is one of the great ways to influence the power of social media with a view to maximize the brand awareness as well as that of marketing efforts.

Social media and a business website should go hand in hand in order to boost the online reputation of any brand. Today, we will discuss how social media integration can aid any website to increase its social media presence.

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Hence, here we have described few important ways that can be useful to conjoin social media with any website:

Power of Social Media to Increase Social Media Presence:

  • Website Buttons for Social Sharing: It becomes easy to share content on social media with the help of these social sharing buttons which are available on the website. While selecting social media buttons, keep in mind that you select the ones that actually are important to you.Avoid including all social media buttons; use only the ones that are useful to you. Just make it simple and easy, this will maximize your chances of content being shared online. It’s recommended to share social media buttons at such place on websites where it is easily visible.
  • Social Login: Most of the people, nearly about 70% prefer to login on any site with their social account instead of creating a new account with details. Hence, if the website visitors get an ease of creating an account on your website then chances are there to get more customers.So, allow your customers to login with their social media accounts as this helps you to increase conversion rates for several user registrations.
  • Social Video: Videos that are shared on social networking sites serve as an added bonus for the websites. It is a good opportunity to include your social videos in the website. And Google also now days prefers more multimedia content as compared to websites with only text as content.
  • Instagram Images: This is an important social media feature which is accurate for those who wish to display their Instagram images on the website. In order to increase your Instagram followers, it’s advisable to add Instagram pictures to your website.
  • Social evidence: Sometimes to create trust, it’s necessary to provide proof. Same is the case with Social media, providing your social media proof on your website increases trust among the visitors. The reason being 79% of consumers consider social evidence equal to personal recommendations.So, make sure to use certain social media widgets on your website in order to boost up conversions as well as see spurt in sales. Further, you will also get maximum likes for a particular social media account such as for Facebook, you can see spurt in likes by integrating several social media widgets with your website.

Few examples of websites that have integrated their social media accounts are as follows:

Wind up:

So, finally you are now ready to integrate your social media account with your website. Yes this is must in today’s digital world where everything is done with the use of social media accounts. Further, you can see now days, Social media sites have started providing “ Call to Action” feature to their accounts which makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with the business people.

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