7 Off-Page SEO Techniques That Are Outdated But Comes In The SEO Packages To Boost The Result!!

SEO doesn’t need any introduction as it is the most relevant technique of marketing. To boost the sales the companies provide affordable SEO packages that serve both the off-page and on-page technique. But, the technique has changed Google has outdated the old off-page SEO methods and is found not much effective.

But, the regular use of these techniques for the startup is important and nothing is wrong in doing them. Here are the mentioned those 7 off-page SEO techniques that are followed by the SEO companies and important too.

Off-Page SEO
1. Forum Marketing

It offers the highest ROI as a positive impact on the customers are made. It’s a marketing technique, in which the answers are posted in various forums such as the warrior forum, black hat team, digital point etc. building the name of a company as the brand needs to trawl everything and mention the name in different areas.
2. Search Engine Submission

Indexing a website in the search engines is automatically done when one search by writing the complete name of the company. But Search engine submission is quite different from it, it targets the relevant competitor site as well and makes sure that Google index the submitted website in the search engine.

3. Article Directories

Making content is a vital part of SEO and the article directories are the popular marketing method as close to 50% of peoples read the directory submission. Some of the popular directory submission sites is like Ezine. With the latest update of Google, Panda many sites who didn’t follow the directory submission are in huge loss as compared to those who went through it.

4. Website Directories

There is a purposeful method of promotion that serves the clients it is the website directories submission. It’s a great idea that start up were the PR are made. It makes the job get done faster through the repetitive name of the company in Google. Also, the users get informed to the latest updates through directory submission, Free, and Pro version of submitting the list are present. It offers real benefits that are link building, keyword relevancy, index the page rank.

5. Social Bookmarking

Going viral is important to promote the business and the social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit do it. A regular follow and update is important because of its quick update and high competition.

6. Linking other Blogs

An external link is a fruitful method that is an idea which is made through the comment made in blogs. The comments include not only discussion about the written blog post but the website link that makes a huge profit and termed as the link building through traffic driving.

This is the popular technique which is still followed.

7. Social Media invention

Being popular in the social channels is also important as the all relevant resources are added in it and the resources added are relevant and concentrate on focusing the audience for a high outcome.

Final Say:

These mentioned 7 off-page SEO techniques are effective and affordable when taken in the SEO packages. If you want to succeed in getting your website up the search rankings, you need to act in the right way. Stay updated as per the SEO and ensures that you get the result as per your efforts. Platinum SEO gives an affordable and effective SEO.