Common Myths of Local SEO Company Melbourne

We hear many myths of Local SEO Company Melbourne world that people believe. However, this may be false.

Here are some myths of SEO that we frequently run into.

  • Deleting listing in Google My business removes listing from Google

Business owners try to get rid of duplicate listing on Google. The most common thing that people try to do is claim duplicates and then delete them from Google My Business Dashboard. On removing the listing, you receive a scary message confirming if you want to do this. By eliminating the listing from the Google My business, you just unverified your listings. It will still be on Google Maps and get ranked if you do not clean out all the categories before deleting it. When you want to remove listing via GMB, do not manage the listing.

  • Failure to claim your page means no ranking for your business

When you get any claiming calls, consider the authority of people who are calling you. There are not many experts in the industry, and they would not do robo – calling to generate sales. The Local search ranking factors like MOZ do not verify your listing for making an impact on ranking as business owners add more data to listing while verifying it. If the listing is left before proving, the verification status will not change the ranking. Unverified pages outrank the verified ones in the competitive market.

Local SEO company Melbourne

  • Professional or Practitioner listing on Google duplicates can be removed

Google creates listings for the professionals in office and owners of practice who want to disappear. Local SEO Company Melbourne points that Google gets rid of listing of professionals in the following case:

  1. If the professional is not public facing and do not qualify for listing, Google removes them from the list.
  2. The business has only one public facing individual and merges listing for professional with listing for office. They should create a single page using [brand/ company]: [practitioner name] format.

If a professional leaves your office, you can mark the listing as moved. It would make it vanish from the search results in spite of existing in the back end of Google. If a professional moves to a different company, they should claim the listing and update contact details.

  • To improve your ranking, post on G+

It is impossible for people to see your G+ posts unless name makes search for your business. A link to additional page is not included in the local pack of Google. It is not even called ‘Plus’ page by Google anymore. Posting on G+ would not help you to improve your ranking despite being told by the Google My business support.

  • Map SEO works efficiently on “organic SEO.”

Map Optimization cannot be separated from organic. About 75% local rank listing ranks organically on the first page and are connected. A change made in your site has a huge influence on your local ranking. If you have a local business, hire an SEO Company to understand Google maps and functioning of 3 packs. It is impossible to get three packs without good organic ranking and site with strong signals.

There are many other SEO myths suggested by Local SEO Company Melbourne. Stay updated with all of them.