10 SEO Terms that Every SEO Firm Must Know

For small firms, it’s really important to get the knowledge about some frequently used SEO terms. The reason behind this is when you wish to hire any SEO consultant, that particular candidate will speak about some normally used SEO terms like PPC Management, Content marketing, Conversion rate optimization, 301 redirect and more.

10 SEO Terms that Every SEO Firm Must Know

These are the terms used by experts. Now, if you a firm into the IT sector from time being then you may be very well aware about these terms but if you a newbie in the IT industry especially in the SEO field then this blog post will help you to understand these terms in a perfect manner.

So, get ready to learn with us some common SEO terms that any SEO consultant can use during an interview and you must be then able to understand its meaning. Here, we start with:

  • Analytics: Various website analytic tools are available in the market such as Google Analytics. These are used to measure the website performance, strategy performance as well as the effect of every campaign used to boost online presence.These tools are used to track various data like type of visitors, number of visitors, original destination of these visitors and the amount of time they spend on your websites and more.
  • 301 Redirect: This is a term used when the website is transferred from its original location to other location for several reasons like as re designing, website reconstruction and more. 301 redirect is useful to maintain the traffic as well as show the new website route to the visitors when they type the old URL in the address bar.
  • Anchor Text: It’s really a simple concept but some people find it difficult to understand this. If we understand it in simple terms, then Anchor text is nothing but clickable text that includes a link which refers to another document or website, or any other location on the web.Such anchor texts are used to collect the content and data of your site, store the pages and until and unless that page is indexed, Google is really unaware of its existence.
  • Link Equity: This shows the authority of both external as well as internal links thus developing a deep connection between the website and other places thus expanding the authority effectively throughout the site. Certain factors that determine the link equity contain page authority, domain authority as well as page rank.
  • Citation: The visibility of any website depends upon the online references to the business’s name, address and phone number. In order to have effective citations, make sure that the NAP details on the website match the format of the published NAP on other external web pages.
  • Title Tag: Title tags are those that actually define the document title in a perfect manner. Search engines give prime importance to the title tags as these provide an idea about the website content and what exactly the website is all about.
  • Long tail Keywords: Keywords that consist of three or more words are known as long tail keywords. For instance, just for searching “SEO Company Sydney” people now days tend to search with keywords like “Which is the Affordable SEO Company in Sydney?”Such keywords are known as Long tail keywords.
  • Heat Mapping: It is an analysis technique that provides a visual indicator of where users click or mouse over on any given web page.
  • A/B Testing: The entire method of presenting some website visitors with one web page variant and others with another variant and then checking which variant is viewed the most. The one that gets more clicks, visitors is then decided as the final web page layout.
  • Knowledge Graph: You might have noticed that while searching on Google for any particular thing, place or people, a special area is displayed in Google with the box that includes the perfect details based on your search.This is Google knowledge graph which can increase traffic to a website and managing this graph means SEO firm is generating useful compelling content as well as inbound links from high quality credible links.

Wind up:

Hence, these are some of the technical SEO terms that any Hiring SEO firm must be aware of. If you are new to SEO and wish to know something more about such terms, then get in touch with experts at Platinum SEO, Professional SEO Melbourne.