What can we learn about marketing from Larry Page?

The marketing industry is full of entrepreneurs, investors and trend setters who have priceless information on branding, advertising, and sales techniques. Larry Page is one of them who is famously known for his works in Google. Famous entrepreneurs like Larry Page has valuable information on the marketing industry insights which can be used by anyone who is willing to upskill and make use of it for their own business.

Who is Larry Page?

  • Larry Page is the owner of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Calico, and Nest.
  • 45 years old American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur
  • 53.5 billion USD net worth
  • Cofounded Google in 1998 with Sergey Brin
  • Brin and Page invented Google’s PageRank algorithm which controls the whole search engine
  • Larry Page was the first CEO of Google until 2001 and again after 2011
  • Has valuable insight on digital marketing and website back-end optimisation for having high-traffic and high PageRank

Larry Page

Understanding Google’s PageRank

  • Links determine the quality of a website which affects your website’s PageRank.
    The more links you have from a website with high PageRank, the more likely it is for your website to increase its link popularity.
  • Search terms affect PageRank. Keywords that you use as the website content are important to match with these search terms. It affects SEO and proliferates your website’s reach radius as well as its success to gather leads.

Larry Page and Marketing

Even though Larry Page’s specialisation is in computers science and data analytics, he has made a valuable contribution to the marketing industry; especially the digital marketing industry since his works with Google. He has become a trend setter who is idealised by many and considered as an example to be followed. Some of the key points regarding Larry Page and his insights on marketing are:

  • His works are mostly in the backend side of the websites. That is why there has been an emphasis on the importance of using backlinks; both as for quantity and quality. Using backlinks changes the way your website operates and affects the lead generation process.
  • With quality backlinks, a website can generate a funnel of lead generation sources. The leads create an opportunity to sell your products or services to the website visitors. If your website has a high conversion rate, you have an opportunity to make sales out of these leads.
  • Marketing industry insights can be used to improve the customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • SEO is highly linked to Larry Page’s marketing insights. According to Page, targeting the right keywords places your business and your websites ahead of the competitors. It is important to have a complete analysis and research on the market as well as what your competitors have been doing; such as their digital campaigns, website design, how they promote and market their services and products.
  • Larry Page emphasizes the importance of external links. External links enable your website to relate to other high-ranking websites. Eventually, your website creates a connection between web pages that help each other to gain link credibility and link popularity. These lead to having a more powerful website that can reach to wider audiences while raking higher on the search engines.
  • Another point that Larry Page emphasizes is the importance of doing market research actively and regularly. Identifying and creating popular content and services enable you to create a variety of content that attracts different audience groups. Moreover, it helps you to identify any potential partner websites. This might lead to future collaborations between the two websites and building a link popularity connection.
  • Blog writing is another aspect of marketing industry insight by Larry Page. He incorporates all his previous advice on how to use SEO for having a high-traffic website and how to target the right keywords for investing in your website’s PageRank.

Overall, Larry Page’s marketing insights are mainly on the digital marketing and the back-end side of a website. He emphasizes the importance of using quality links to build networking, leveraging SEO by targeting the right keywords as the content of your website, building external links with other high-ranking website to bolster your website’s online ranking performance, performing active and regular market research and posting high quality content blogs.