Links Are the Important Factor for Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Link metrics are the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm ever since the beginning. SEO Company Sydney finds it impossible to see productive search engine optimization results without spending some time to build inbound link profile. It is almost impossible to see search engine optimization (SEO) results without spending some time building and honing your inbound link profile.

Factors that determine site ranking is relevance and authority and it determines the quality and quantity of links in a given page or domain. Google has some major overhauls in changing its SERP layout offering advanced voice search functionality and revising the ranking process.

The evaluation of link quality has changed and authority determination is important for Google’s existence.

  • Understand Page Rank

Look back at the first iteration of PageRank, signature algorithm of Google named after its co- founder, Larry Page. It uses presence and quality of links to point to a site for determining site’s authoritativeness.  A site may have few links, but what matters more is having higher authority links.

  • Big Flaws

PageRank is designed to gauge authority on the basis of what neutral third parties of various sites over time in a closed system. You can see the most authoritative and trustworthy sites at the top. This is not a closed system and when webmasters learned about PageRank they started developing schemes to automatically acquire links of unsuspecting websites. This determines Google’s intentions and force to develop a series of checks and balances.

  • Increase phases of sophistication

Over the years, Google cracked down on rank manipulators to punish the offenders by blacklisting or penalizing anyone participating in the link scheme. SEO Company Syndey moved to more subtle development to refine processes Google used to evaluate link based authority. The most significant development was Google Penguin as it overhauled quality standards Google sets of links. Use of more advanced judgment determines whether the links are natural or manipulative and forces link building tactics to shift and it is not overhauling key thought behind PageRank.

  • Other signs of power

Links are not the only factor responsible for determining domainSEO Company Sydney or overall authority. Google takes quality of on-site content into consideration. Panda updates the reward sites with high quality content. The functionality of your site includes mobile friendliness, availability of content to different devices and browsers as these can affect your ranking. These factors determine your ranking and link is major part of the overall mix.

  • Modern link building and state of web

Link building must prioritize perception of naturalness and value to users encountering the links. This is the reason why link building exists in two forms – link attraction and manual link building. Link attraction is the process of creating and promoting content so that readers link to it by themselves. Marketers manipulate their rankings whenever they do to improve their rankings. Link attraction does not attract any link unless the content is worthy of those links and manual link building tactics unless the content is good enough to pass third party review.


SEO Company Sydney reveals that link significance and PageRank is foundation for Google’s evaluation authority for Google’s existence. The user centric factors can be a hypothetical replacement like traffic numbers, engagement rates but user behavior is variable and it is a poor indication of true authority.
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