Transform your browsers into buyers with Twitter Marketing

Online shopping is becoming a trend now days. Be it home décor, fashion or other goods; shopping is one of the famous hobbies of twitter users. In order to make retailers understand the visitors’ navigation as well as purchase process and what intends them to make purchase, a survey was conducted. The insights of this survey can actually help to increase the sales by offering appropriate message to twitter users at the right time.

Survey shows that twitter users are big shoppers and so these serve as a valuable audience for retailers. As per the survey on women using twitter, it is proved that twitter users have huge shopping budgets and they are mostly the ones who do maximum of online shopping. Twitter users carry out online shopping 6.9 times a month while non users did it just for 4.3 times a month.

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Why Shoppers often make maximum use of Twitter?

Be it getting information about new product or purchasing any product, shoppers deeply trust twitter for product advice and recommendations and almost 50% of women shoppers feel that Twitter content highly influences their purchasing decisions.

And these shoppers always stay updated with us for the latest brand news and promotions and nearly 150% of them search for deals and sales and more of them interact with the brand managers on social networks. Different shoppers use Twitter in for making purchase for different categories.

This means buyers purchasing home décor products use Twitter in a different manner as compared to those purchasing fashion products. Marketers must know these differences in order to make most use of Twitter for their business.

51% of apparel related Twitter retail conversations show that users are completely aware about the products that they purchase from Twitter.

What tempts buyers to Purchase from Twitter?

Purchase motivation changes as per category. For instance, when the buyer decides to purchase anything from Twitter they generally prefer to watch the advertisements, comments about price and while those purchasing grocery and pharmacy products mostly rely on recommendations from other members.

In order to use this data for marketing purpose, Twitter has named it as “purchase funnel hot spot” that is separate for every single category. Hot spot refers to the place where huge proportions of Twitter conversations are relative to other categories.

For example, talking about pharmacy products, the hot spot is evaluation and the top sales driver is customer service. This means while purchasing pharmacy products from Twitter, customers check whether the company is offering proper customer service or not. Like this for different product categories, different factors are responsible for increasing the sales.

Wind up:

So, if you wish to use Twitter for marketing purpose then based on your product category you must evaluate the purchase hot spots as well as top sales driving factors and based on those factors you can easily develop the Twitter marketing strategy for your product or service.

This blog post will definitely serve as a proper guide to utilize Twitter at its best for marketing purpose. To know more about various social media channels and their related marketing strategies, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Experts Melbourne.